Yellowstone cast gets their sheepskin coats from this shop

Pat Garrett/Sickafus Sheepskin Shop in the news

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Video length is 1 minute 36 seconds long.

Video starts at news station with anchor Rob Vaughn and Wendy Davis on how local sheepskin shop has sold coats to a tv show. Then takes you to reporter Tom Rader interviews owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus at his sheepskin shop in Strausstown, PA.

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Video begins with Anchor Rob Vaughn sitting at desk in news station next to Anchor Wendy Davis.

Anchor Rob Vaughn: If the big warm coats on one of the most popular streaming shows around look familiar that's because they are made in our own backyard.

Anchor Wendy Davis: The show recently received a nomination for a screen actors guild award, WFMZ's Tom Rader has that.

[Video now shows Pat walking through the store with reporter Tom Rader following him as Pat opens door]
Owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus: Let me show you this [Pat turns on light in room that stores sheepskins]

[Video shows outside of shop at night and while reporter speaks]]
Reporter Tom Rader: A long standing shop off route 183 in Upper Tulpehocken township [video now shows sheepskin coats hanging within the shop] holds a stacked sweeping sea of sheepskin coats.

[Pat standing in front of hanging sheepskin coats]
Owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus: I have thousands of coats, I mean I got them stuck all over the place. I got them in the next building and in the garage out back.

[Video shows various coats and then zooms on Black Fox hat]
Reporter Tom Rader: And plenty of other handmade items to keep you warm.

[Pat walking by bags and bags of products sorted on shelves, coats and sheepskins piled on table]
Owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus: All these bags here are filled with our slippers and stuff like that.

[Video shows photo of Pat Garrett (stage name) holding a guitar with arm around his wife Suzy Dalton then zooms into brand tag within a coat]
Reporter Tom Rader: From crafting songs to stitching coats for country music singer pat garrett it's a passion started decades ago.

[Video of Pat standing in front of sheepskin coats]
Owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus: Started out just selling the skins [video zooms in on piled sheepskins under sheepskin coats] in fact right on these bins here I sold sheepskin rugs.

Reporter Tom Rader: [Video shows sign of Men's Shearling Coats in size order small to 5x]Call it a rugs to rich's story [video onBlack Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Coat] as most recently these coats can be seen costuming characters [video shows actor Kevin Costner in Yellowstone show] on the hit show yellowstone starring kevin costner.

[Video on Pat in front of sheepskin coats]
Owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus: Pretty big thrill you know, I mean to know that they appreciate our stuff enough to wear it on tv, you know and movies and stuff.

[Video showing sheepskin coats hanging in store, and spans over to reporter Tom Rader holding a sheepskin coat]
Reporter Tom Rader: Kevin Costner isn't the first big time celebrity to put on one of these sheepskin coats as they've previously been worn by some country music luminaries.

[Video showing Black Napa Sheepskin Coats]
Owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus: Years ago when I played with Shorty Long I made a coat for Conway Twitty [video shows photo of Conway Twitty] and also Loretta Lynn [video shows photo of Loretta Lynn] later on [video goes back to Pat standing in front of sheepskin coats] I made one for Charlie Daniels [video shows photo of Charlie Daniels] and George Jones [video shows photo of George Jones] and his wife.

[Video scans to ladies long sheepskin coats on hangers]
Reporter Tom Rader: Country stars to koster all coming out of a shop in berks county. [video scans to Pat and Tom talking in shop] I suppose there's no business like the coat business [video showing inside of coat with brand of Pat Garrett inside coat].

[Video on Pat in front of sheepskin coats]
Owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus: I'm in the business that's for sure.

[Video of Pat walking in shop]
Reporter Tom Rader: In Upper Tulpehocken township, Tom Raider 69 news.

[Transcript ends at 00:01:36]