2013 TV Ad Transcript

Information about this tv ad:

TV commercial airing on Comcast with owner/speaker: Pat Garrett/Sickafus

Video length is 30 seconds long.

[Transcript begins at 00:00:00]

[Video starts with owner Pat Garrett/Sickafus standing outside of his sheepskin shop in a sheepskin coat and cowboy hat]

Pat: Hi folks, welcome to my Pat Garrett sheepskin outlet!

[While Pat is speaking the video turns to photos of products]
Pat: We make and sell beautiful high end fashion men's [video shows male model in long black sheepskin coat] and ladies shearling coats [video shows female model in regular length sheepskin coat] ladies shearling coats, as well as your basic country marlboro [video shows female model in long length sheepskin coat] and World War II bomber jackets [Video shows male model World War II bomber sheepskin jacket].

Pat: We also carry sheepskin vests [video shows photo of Pat in sheepskin vest], hats[video shows photo of 3 sheepskin hats], slippers [video shows photo of sheepskin slippers], boots [video shows photo of slippers and boots side by side], and make custom sheepskin seat covers [video shows photo of charcoal & beige vehicle seat covers] for cars, trucks, [video shows photo of 2 motorcyle sheepskin seatcovers on motorcyles] motorcycles anything!

[video shows 2 videos of the same video side by side - of female model in a spanish merino sheepskin coat]
Pat: Our Pat Garrett's Sheepskin outlet is located at routes 183 [video shows female model in black sheepskin coat with brisa collar and cuffs] and 78 intersections, Strausstown, [video shows photo of inside sheepskin shop with coats and sheepkins with address of Pat Garrett's Sheepskin Outlet, Routes 183 & 78 intersection, Strausstown, PA 19559 and phone 610-488-1782] exit 19. Open seven days a week.

[video shows Pat with group of people in leather coats and 2 males sitting on motorcycles]
Pat: You always get a good deal at Pat Garrett's Sheepskin Outlet.

[Transcript ends at 00:00:30]