Where we are from the air (drone)

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Steve Best flys the drone above the Sheepskin Shop and Pat Garrett Amphitheater while Pat Garrett/Sickafus (owner) narrates the locations and directions.

Where we are from the air Transcript

Video length is 4 minutes 55 seconds long.

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Pat: [Pat standing in front of the Sheepskin Shop] Hi, folks. I'm Pat Garrett. How are you doing today? And listen, I'm going to show you the Pat Garrett Sheepskin Shop and the Pat Garrett Amphitheater right across the street [Pat motions to across the street], located at Route 78 and 183 intersections at the top of Exit 19, right out here [Pat points to the exit], halfway between Allentown and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. And my buddy here, Steve Best, he's going to put his drone up in the air and we're going to show you our location from the air. So, Steve, how about it? Let her go, buddy.

Pat: Okay, here we are up in the air [Drone spanning above the Sheepskin shop from left to right] at Strausstown, exit 19 off of Route 78. There's our sheepskin shop [Drone stops on the side above sheepskin shop facing the gas pumps]. We have many [Drone starts to zoom out] beautiful sheepskin and motorcycle jackets in there, slippers, hats, vests, [Drone turns and faces the top of Strausstown Exit 19 and the intersection] seat covers. Now we're flying out over the intersection on 183 and 78. 183 goes over the top and we're looking south towards Strausstown right there [Drone videos the trucks, vehicles on the road and the highway] and down the road, about 15 or 20 minutes is Reading, Pennsylvania.

Pat: And we're swinging around [Drone turns to the left over the highway] facing east towards Allentown, which is about 35 minutes away. New Jersey, we're about 55 miles from the New Jersey border, and New York City is about two hours and 15 minutes away. [Drone turns to the right above the intersetion] That's the southwest corner of route 78 and 183.

Pat: [Drone turns more right over route 183] Now we're looking west towards Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It's about 45 minutes away at 60 miles an hour. If you go 120 miles an hour, it cuts that time in half. [Drone scans left over intersection again] We're looking south again towards Strausstown and Reading, Pennsylvania, 15 / 20 minutes away.

Pat: Now we're swinging around and there's the Sheepskin shop below [Drone spins to the left over the shop and then across the street from the shop where the trucks are parked]. Now we're going to zoom across our truck parking lot and head on over to the Pat Garrett Amphitheater [Drone moves forward passing the trucks]. See that row of trees there at the top? That's where you come in. [Drone is overlooking the Pat Garrett Amphitheater stage and land] And many great artists have graced that stage in years gone by. [Drone gets closer to the stage of the amphitheater with pond behind it] We opened in 1994, and me and my wife, Suzy, operated it with a lot of help from friends and neighbors. [Drone is now atop the front of the stage] Great artists have been on that stage. Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker, Patty Lovelace, Billy Ray Cyrus have all been here. But this summer of 2021, they're bringing in some unique sounding bands: the Puddle of Mud, Get the Led Out, a Box of Rocks. Some other bands I've never heard of, but they're supposed to be great.

Pat: And we're looking at 78 to the right is west to the left is east. Now we're flying over the parking lot here. [Drone goes to right and there are rows of trees and the parking lot] Just follow that row of trees and I'll show you where the entrance to the amphitheater is. [Drone spans to the right following the tree line] There's the sheepskin shop [in the distance is the sheepskin shop and farm land]. So follow that truck up the road about 200 yards and I'll show you where the entrance is. [Drone follows the truck going up the road] Okay, right there. You make a left and come into the park through that driveway.

Pat: [Drone continues to follow down the road with buildings on the left of the road] And there's my great neighbor, Kermit and Peg Wagner and Davy Wagner has a repair shop right there, works on cars and trucks. [Drone continues down the road, farms and mountains in the distance] We're heading north towards Pottsville, Pennsylvania, which is about, oh, 20 minutes away. There's a church on the right [Drone speeds up a little bit then you can see the church on the right hand side] and up the road a piece way at the top of the picture there you can see the entrance to the Strausstown Rod and Gun Club. A good place to go for a cocktail after the day is in. [Drone showing more of the country side, trees and cloud shadows over the land and mountains]

Pat: [Drone going foward and to the left] Now we're looking west again and our property begins at that tree line there, right there and on both sides of Degler Lane heading south towards the amphitheater again. [Drone going forward and land is plowed below both green and light brown] That plowed area belongs to Kermit. [Drone continues forward closer to the amphitheater] Had some great shows there and plan to have some great shows in the future.

Pat: Now we're going to zoom over route 78 [Drone goes over route 78 and is over water by a cell towr]. There's the cell tower. You can see us when you see the cell tower. So if you need a great deal on a sheepskin coat, motorcycle jacket, some sheepskin seat covers or slippers or vests, we got them right here at the Pat Garrett Sheepskin shop. [Drone spans over to the left and is over the exit, over route 78, and 183 and the sheepskin shop] Thank you for watching. This is Pat Garrett out, and God bless all. [Drone stops after moving in closer to sheepskin shop]

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