Measuring for Sheepskin Coat

Information about measuring demonstration video:

Video length is 2 minutes 19 seconds long.

Video is taken within Sickafus Sheepskin Shop to show how to measure for a sheepskin coat with speaker: Pat Garrett/Sickafus, model: Suzy Sickafus and assistant: John

[Transcript begins at 00:00:00]

[Video begins with Pat holding a measuring tape and Suzy standing in front of hanging sheepskin coats]
Pat: Hi there folks! I'm Pat at Sickafus Sheepskins and I'm going to show you how to measure for your shearling coat - your sheepskin coat, same thing and you are a bit confused sometimes so I thought we should do a little video. This is Suzy here [Pat waves hand towards Suzy], she's going to be helping me and this is John over here [Pat waves hand towards John and video spans over to John] taking all the measurements.

[Video Spans back to Pat and Suzy]
Pat: Now the first one it's usually a question, [Pat turns towards Suzy as she turns her back towards him] pull your hair out of the way Suzy, please [Suzy places her hair over shoulder while turning back towards camera], is the shoulder measurements. Thank you. Now we go from one bone [Pat points to the shoulder bone] to the other bone [Pat points to the right shoulder bone], right across the top. [Pat places start of measuring tape at left shoulder with left hand] That bone there to the end of this bone over here [Pat places measuring tape with right hand at right shoulder bone]. As you can see that's sixteen on Suzy.

Pat: Next [Suzy turns sideways so that her right shoulder is towards the camera] we want to go from this point here [Pat points to the spot on right shoulder bone that he just measured to and places beginning of tape measure there] down just below her wrist [starts to measure from shoulder bone down to wrist]. Now if somebody holds her hand [demonstrates by placing Suzy's arm up instead of the arm being straight down] up like that, you got to tell them put your arm down [demonstrates by pushing Suzy's arm down and places the arm so it is straight down]. So we want to measure with your arm at your side [Pat takes measuring tape and measures to wrist]. On Suzy that's 23.

Pat: Now you need the bust measurement. So you spin around [Suzy turns around to face Pat] and say "put your arms up please" [Suzy places arms up at the sides so they are straight across like a cross]. And the reason you do that is [Pat starts to put arms around Suzy's back to take a hold of measuring tape behind the back] because you want to get up under here, where all the meat is. You go right across the bust [Pat takes measuring tape from the back and goes around the front across the bustline to meet the ends of the measuring tape], right. Okay put your arms down [Suzy places arms down at sides]. And then you take that measurement. Not too tight, so that your fingers can fit underneath.

Pat: Next, we want to do the hips. [Suzy turns back towards Pat and Pat bends down on knee to measure]Yes stand that way please and take that measurement. [Pat places measuring tape around Suzy's hips to measure] Again, put your fingers under a little bit so that it's not too tight. Right, take that measurement. It gives you an extra inch or so and you're going to need that you know for comfort.

[Pat stands up]
Pat: Next we have the length. Spin around there. [Suzy turns back towards him] Pull your hair out the way again please. [Suzy places hair over shoulder] You go from the last vertebra here [Pat places start of measuring tape at end of Suzy's neck]. Now most of our coats have a standard length but some of them like the long coats. Gals like to have a little longer or a little shorter. So from the nape of the neck there - all the way down here [Pat takes measuring tape down Suzy's back down to the calf area and further down]. Standard length can be 48, 50 and extra-length 52.

[Pat stands up]
Pat: So if you'll remember those three few things there [Suzy turns around facing camera] we'll be able to make you a coat that'll fit like a glove. And your coat [camera zooms in on Pat] will be made in the USA, right here in Strausstown, Pennsylvania at the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains right Suzy? [camera zooms out.
Suzy: That's right.

[Transcript ends at 00:02:19]