The Magic of Genuine Sheepskins

A Friend of mine told me his wife was in the hospital for the past 3 months, stuck in bed. Her heels were rubbed sore very bad as were her buttocks, he said she was in awful pain, not eating and the Doctors said she might not last much longer? I gave him a Sheared Sheepskin for her to lie on while in bed. My friend gave his wife the sheepskin and she has been on the sheepskin for about a month now. He called me this morning to thank me, after laying on the sheepskin for about a month, he said her rub sores are all but gone on her heels and her bottom. Also she was eating and is like a new person.

Now understand I am not saying sheepskin can cure serious medical problems, but they do help a great deal with rub and bed sores. They are good for people who are bed fast and in wheelchairs. A little blessing of nature. Sheepskins are also good on your office chair, car, truck, motorcycle, air plane, recliner, your couch, and where you sit or lie down.

Medical Sheepskins