Super Fit Automobile Sheepskin Seat Covers

Super Fit Automobile Sheepskin Seat Covers

Super Fit means the bottom & back seating areas are genuine sheepskin. The sides and rear areas are a matching stretch material that covers a wide variety of seats. They come in Hi & Low Back. The low back fit cars with removable head rests. The Hi Back fit Tractor Trailer Trucks and Hi Back cars that do not have a head rest on rods. Warm in the winter, prevents perspiration in the summer, saves the seats underneath for trade in time.

SEAT COVER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Low Back Seat Covers: Is the headrest on rods? If so you have to remove the head rest, mark where the holes go, make holes, put the seat cover on, slide the rods through holes you made in the sheepskin, put the head rest back on the seat then run straps under the seat, and you're done. Ride warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and the seats look good underneath, when you trade the car in. If you have trouble removing the head rest, look for a pin hole or clip at the base of your rods to release a catch, or ask your dealer to pull 'em out for you.
Hi Back Seat Covers: Slide seatcover over the seat, run the straps under the seat.

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Super Fit Automobile Sheepskin Seat Covers

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