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Gifts for Baby: A Natural Infant care skin to sleep on and Baby sheepskin Snuggie slippers.

Gifts for Kids: A Jumbo sheepskin for the floor in their bed room, they will have this for many Christmases, also sheepskin Snuggie slippers, send us a foot tracing on an old plain brown paper bag for a good fit.

Gifts for Mom: A nice white or other color sheepskin for her to hop out of bed on in the morning, cozy, & sheepskin Snuggie slippers, a Warm Shearling coat, vest, hat, mittens, gloves, boots, skuffies & more.

Gifts for Dad: Custom seat covers for the guy (or Gal) who has to get out in that cold car or truck and go to work in this freezing weather, does not apply to our customers in warm climates,… aaahhhh but sheepskin seat covers are warm in the winter, but cool in the summer, prevents perspiration, and the seats underneath, they will look like the day you bought the vehicle, increasing the trade in value. So seat covers are a great gift for everyone everywhere. If he has a motorcycle, how about a sheepskin BUTT SAVER for the long ride. Of course we have coats, hats, vests, slippers, boots, gloves, cowboy boots, work boots, biker boots, fingerless gloves, tour packs, and cowboy hats.

Gifts for Grandma & Grandpa: A sheepskin to sit on in their favorite chair. A hospital skin for folks who are in wheel chairs or bed fast to prevent & help heal bed sores, and make life a bit more comfortable, and all the other items we mention above as well.

The list goes on. We pride ourselves in being the most reasonable priced sheepskin and leather merchants in the business. We appreciate you, our customer and strive to give you quality products, and quality service. You will find a friendly human answering our phones during the day, not some automated answering device, we hate those things, don’t you. The Pat Garrett Sheepskin Outlet (our outlet store) & Sickafus Sheepskins (our USA factory) have been here a long time, and plan to be here to serve you for many years to come.

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