Sheepskin Colors

Jumbo Long Wool Sheepskins - The biggest, most beautiful sheepskins in the WORLD! Perfect for an accent rug, laying in front of the TV, the Kids room, a big Motorcycle seat cover, Fits bucket seats in cars and trucks, we sew these into end to end, or side by side doubles. Also into Quads, Sextos, and Octos, for area rugs beyond compare. Approx 50" Long.

Spanish Merino Garment Skins for the worlds most beautiful Sheepskin/Shearling Coats, Vests & Hats - Light weight, easy to move in, but very warm.

Toscana Shearling for beautiful exotic Coats & Hats. See our Natasha, or Isabella coats.

Sheared 1" Seat Cover Sheepskins, Some people do not know real sheepskins keep you body cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also keep the seats underneath looking like the day you put them on, so when you go to trade your car in, the seats will look new.

Medium Long Wool Shaggy Sheepskin