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All of our sheepskin coats, shearling coats, sheepskin vests and shearling vests are made in the USA with 100% genuine sheepskin. Since 1966, in the stunning Blue Mountains foothills of Pennsylvania, we have hand-crafted our beautiful shearling and sheepskin outerwear with quality hides and exceptional workmanship.

Not only are our genuine sheepskin coats and vests made in the USA, but we also offer custom sizing and make a wide range of styles and colors to suit anyone. Our sheepskin coats and sheepskin outerwear are well worth the price. Shearling sheepskin products are not only warm but are highly durable and can last for a long time with just a little maintenance.

Pat Garrett Sheepskin is our Outlet Store and Sickafus Sheepskins is our Factory and Online Store.

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