Clients Photos

Below are some of our clients photos.  They look stunning in their new sheepskin, shearling and leather coats, hats vests, gloves and outerwear. Thank you all, we are grateful!

Nathan in his new sheepskin coat
Nathan Sbar, Allentown, PA
The browns in their sheepskin coats and hats
Russell and Karen Brown, Kingsland, GA Wearing a Ladies "Lisa" and a Men's "Johnny" style, and note the boots, they got from us too!!
Izzy in his Sheepskin Coat on his horse
Isidoro Moran, Boyce, VA
William & Jennifer in their new coats
William and Jennifer Varney, Vinton, Ohio
Dave from Fredonia in his new sheepskin coat
Dave Martin, Fredonia, PA
Marie & Kelvin in their new neckwarmers
Marie Nesbitt & Kelvin Scriven, Perth Amboy, NJ
Buckie in his new sheepskin shearling coat
Buckie Stanley, Aurora, CO
Mr Roland in his new sheepskin coat
Gerald Roland, New York, NY
Jeff & Angie in their new coats
Jeff and Angie Scott, Wears Valley, TN
Gerald in his new sheepskin coat
Gerald Roland, New York, NY
Anamaria in her new sheepskin coat
Anamaria Cruz, Reading, PA
Dennis in his new Sheepskin Coat
Dennis Martin, Twinsburg, Ohio. This coat will be stored next to my purchase last year of Steve Shearling Sheepskin Coat.
Marie & Kevin from Jersey City in their Sheepskin Coat & Vest
Marie & Kevin, Jersey City, New Jersey
Sheepskins used for Sound Baffles on ceiling
Craig Nargi, Used For Sound Baffles, Stable Craft Brewing, Waynesboro, Virginia
Paul in his Mountain Man Sheepskin Coat
Paul Tsitsilianous, Waco, Texas
Allen from N Carolina in our Sheepskin Coat
Allen Swaim, Lizard Lick, NC, Photo By Amy
Lansdale, PA Sheepskin Coat for Ronna
Ronna Corrente, Lansdale, PA
Eagles Locker Room - Sheepskin Coat on Dawn
Dawn Vagnoni, Reading, PA - In Her New "ERICA", The Queen of the Locker Room
Sheepskin Coat on Lori from Reading PA
Lori Spencer, Reading, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Jim from Indiana
Jim Reid, Fishers, Indiana
Sheepskin Shearling Coats on July from Virginia
Judy Russell, Luray, VA
Ohio's Dennis Martin in our Sheepskin Coat
Dennis Martin, Twinsburg, OH
Sheepskin Coat for George
George Romano, Staten Island, NY
Blue Shearling Sheepskin Coat on Phil from Reading, PA
Phil Valentin, Reading, PA
Our Coats on Dan & Dan from Flemingsburg
Dan & Dawn Gazaway, Flemingsburg, KY
Womens Sheepskin Coat Brooklyn, Juliana NY
Juliana Ossa, Brooklyn, NY
Jim Young in our Mens Sheepskin Coat
Jim Young, Denver, PA
Sheepskin Coat, Dave Roamer, Arizona
Dave Roamer, At the Grand Canyon, From: Ash Fork, AZ
Front of Sheepskin Coat Jim Materas, Virginia
Jim Materas (front), Wythsville, VA
Sheepskin Coat back, Jim Materas, Virginia
Jim Materas (back), Wythsville, VA
B3 Sheepskin Vest, David Lee Stevens, Baltimore, MD
David Lee Stevens, Baltimore, MD
R.C. Moore Jr, Missouri in our Sheepskin Coat
R.C. Moore Jr., Joplin, Missouri
Bobbie Morrison, Arlington Texas in our Sheepskin Shearling Coat
Bobbie Morrison, Arlington, Texas
Sheepskin Coat - Ancil Lucas Palm Beach, Florida
Ancil Lucas, Palm Beach, Florida
Sheepskin Coat - Paul Hand Pennsylvania
Paul Hand, Quakertown, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Vincent Dovydaitis from Massachusetts
Vincent Dovydaitis, Massachusetts
Sheepskin Coat present for Mr Griffn in Florida
Rebecca Griffin got Mr Griffn a Christmas present he loves. Tampa, FL
Sheepskin Coat for Aaron Gustavus from Texas
Aaron Gustavus, Baytown, Texas
Sheepskin Coat For Susie Bodura in Pennsylvania
Susie Bodura, Pittsburg, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Mark Bodura from Pennsylvania
Mark Bodura, Pittsburg, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Isabella Bogolqnos from New York
Isabella Bogolqnos, New York, New York
Sheepskin Coats on Slash & Kitty from Montana
Slash & Kitty, Missoula, Montana
Sheepskin Coat on Adam LaMarca from Bloomsbury, NJ
Adam LaMarca, Bloomsbury, NJ
Sheepskin Coat on Robert Cooke from Australia
Robert Cooke, New South Wales, Australia
Sheepskin Coat on Latwania Fleming from Brooklyn New York
Latwania Fleming, Brooklyn, NY
Donna Barnard from Australia in one of our Sheepskin Coats
Donna Barnard, Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia
Sheepskin Coat on Annelise from New York
Annelise, New York
Efrain Radilla of Dallas Texas in our Sheepskin Coat
Efrain Radilla, Dallas, TX
Eric Young of Cranford NJ in our Sheepskin Coat
Eric Young, Cranford, NJ
Wyatt Funk of Brunswick MD in our Sheepskin Coat
Wyatt Funk, Brunswick, MD
Kelvin Scriven of Jersey City in our Sheepskin Coat
Kelvin Scriven, Jersey City, NJ
Men's Sheepskin Coat on Petri Turner
Petri Turner
Sheepskin Coat on Carmin, Poconos PA
Carmin, Poconos, PA
Sheepskin Coat on James Moore from Dallas Texas
James Moore, Dallas, Texas - Johnny Style with zip off hood
Sheepskin Coat on Charity Groff, Shoemakersville PA
Charity Groff, Shoemakersville, PA
Sheepskin Coats on Andre and Jackie of Paterson NJ
Andre and Jackie Castro, Paterson, NJ
Ephateria Taylor of Philadelphia PA in our Sheepskin Coat
Ephateria Taylor, Philadelphia, PA
Dave Barker in Leather Duster
Dave Barker
Anita Pinto In Napa Coat
Anita Pinto
Sheepskin Coat on Melissa Stambaugh of Dover PA
Melissa Stambaugh, Dover, PA
Mike Morganelli of Winston Salem NC in one of our Men's Sheepskin Coat
Mike Morganelli, Winston Salem, NC
Bob of Bangor PA in our of our Men's Sheepskin Coats
Bob B, Bangor, PA
Anthony, Up State NY in our Blue Mens Sheepskin Coat
Anthony, Up State NY
Sheepskin Coat on Christina Perose of Pottstown PA
Christina Perose, Pottstown, PA
Mens Sheepskin Coat on Agustin Rabassa of Otisville NY
Agustin Rabassa, Otisville, NY
Leander in one of our Mens Sheepskin Coats
Leander Anderson
Sheepskin Coat on Alan Bates of Coventry England
Alan Bates, Coventry, England
Mens Sheepskin Coat on Ryan Knarr of Robesonia PA
Ryan Knarr, Robesonia, PA
Womens Sheepskin Coat on Ellisa Huffmaster of Columbia PA
Ellisa Huffmaster, Columbia, PA
Men's Sheepskin Coat on Kim Goerg from Rhinelander, WI
Kim Goerg, Rhinelander, WI
Lawrence Watson of Bensalem, PA in one of our Sheepskin Coats
Lawrence Watson, Bensalem, PA
Men's Sheepskin Coat on Isaac Velilla from Reading PA
Isaac Velilla, Reading, PA
Men's Sheepskin Coat on Captain Pete Mason from Texas
Captain Pete Mason, Anahuac, TX
Sheepskin Coat on Rena Vannoy from Mississippi
Rena Vannoy, Hattiesburg, MS
Gary Thompson in our Cowboy Sheepskin Coat
Gary Thompson, Suring, WI. Brown Napa Cowboy Will
Allentown PA Sheepskin Coat
Noel Rosado, Allentown, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Mrs Joshua Tanoff of Malvern PA
Mr & Mrs Joshua Tanoff, Malvern, PA
Andrel Hill of Allentown PA in one of our Sheepskin Coats
Andrel Hill, Allentown, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Shane Fisk of Green, Ohio
Shane Fisk, Green, Ohio
Men's Sheepskin Coat on Keith Liggons of Aragon, Georgia
Keith Liggons, Aragon, GA
Leather Coat on Vanreich Hernandez of Manville, NJ
Vanreich Hernandez, Manville, NJ
Leather Coat on James Dayter of Albany NY
James Dayter, Albany, NY
Sheepskin Coat on Carmen Rodriguez of Ashland PA
Carmen Rodriguez, Ashland, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Brian and Chrystal Mackey of Canton Ohio
Brian and Chrystal Mackey. Canton, Ohio
Sheepskin Coat on Paula Thomes of Oley PA
Paula Thomes, Oley, PA
Leather Coat on Barbara Dziamba in Pennsylvania
Barbara Dziamba, West Lawn, PA
Leather Coat on Rick Deibler of Pine Grove PA
Rick Deibler, Pine Grove, PA
Leather Coat on Daniel Grubb of Reading PA
Daniel Grubb, Reading, PA
Dana Tomko wearing a Leather Coats, Reading PA
Dana Tomko, Reading, PA
Mens Sheepskin Coat on Brent Gartner of Malvern PA
Brent Gartner, Malvern, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Ikmet Lomanov of Springfield MA
Ikmet Lomanov, West Springfield, MA
Mens Leather Coat on Jim Norris of Export PA
Jim Norris, Export, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Luis Calo of Paterson NJ
Luis Calo, Paterson, NJ
Womens Sheepskin Coat on Krista Clauser of Cape May Court House, NJ
Krista Clauser, Cape May Court House, NJ
Men's Sheepskin Coat on Shane Fisk of Akron Ohio
Shane Fisk, Akron, OH
Leather Coat on William Schlott of Hamburg PA
William Schlott, Hamburg, PA
Leather Coat on Dave Bucks of Bernville, PA
Dave Bucks, Bernville, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Mark Ward of Kansas City MO
Mark Ward, Kansas City, MO
Leather Coat on Mike Miller of Reading, PA
Mike Miller, Reading, PA
Sheepskin Coats on Marvin and Julian Berman of Larchmont New York
Marvin Berman, Julian Berman, Larchmont, NY
Women's Shearling Coat on Beth Roncu
Beth Roncu
Women's Sheepskin Coat on Reener Patel of Waterbury, Connecticut
Reener Patel, Waterbury, CT
Mens Sheepskin Coat on Rony Ramirez of Katonah New York
Rony Ramirez, Katonah, New York