Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping & Ordering Information

What is the difference in Sheepskin & Shearling and Spanish Marino Shearling?
Sheepskin & Shearling are the same thing, kind of like, car and automobile, a shearling is a sheared sheepskin. A Spanish Marino Sheepskin is a top of the line sheepskin/shearling because it is generally lighter in weight, has a bit more of a supple & silky feel, but still has the cozy warmth of real sheepskin. Our domestic skins are very nice but a bit thicker, but still easy to move in and very warm, and getting closer all the time in quality to Spanish Marino skins. Sometimes some folks like the bit heavier skins, but its just like in cars, if you want a Mercedes they cost more. In any case you should get 30 to 50 years out of either choice, as long as you don’t leave it where some one else might like the warmth of real sheepskin. About Sheepskin Wool.
When you’re ready to order, please feel free to ask for me (Pat) personally to help you with your order.

Do you make custom sized coats?
Yes! Coats custom made to your measurements will be made to the measurements you give us, so if you are not sure how to measure, view our how to measure video on every coat page, its pretty easy, or please call Pat for exact instructions to get the proper measurements.

How Do I Begin?
On the item you would like to purchase make sure that the required fields (they will be bold (size, color, etc)) are completed and click add to cart.
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I can’t add items to the Shopping cart?
You will be asked to select size and sometimes color. You must make a selection if the “prompt” is in bold face or you will not be allowed to proceed.

Order Form won’t let me proceed?
You must fill in your billing information, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Street Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code or you will not be allowed to proceed.

When will my order be processed?
All orders will be processed in 1-3 Business days with the exception on all Custom Made Orders. Business days are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 3 PM EST as we do check our orders 3 times daily.

Can I place an order by phone?
To place phone orders call 610-488-1782, we are open Monday – Saturday, 8AM to 6PM EST.

Where can I call if I have questions about certain products?
If you have fitting and/or product questions please contact us at 610-488-1782. We can also be contacted by email on our contact form.

Can I purchase an item as a gift and have it shipped to someone else?
Yes. After filling out your billing information you may fill out a different name and address for the recipient of the gift.

Measuring Information

Do you make custom sized coats?
Yes! Coats custom made to your measurements will be made to the measurements you give us, so if you are not sure how to measure, view our how to measure video on every coat page, its pretty easy, or please call Pat for exact instructions to get the proper measurements.

How do I know what/where to measure for a coat?
When measuring, wear whatever you are going to wear most of the time under the Sheepskin/Shearling Coat or Vest.

How do I know what to measure for seatcovers?
We have made a video to assist you with the measuring of seatcovers. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Shipping & Payment Information

Payment Information

Why can I not choose shipping?
We offer USPS & FedEx – Ground, 2 Day, etc. If you want another method, please call 610-488-1782 Or email : We offer priority Mail to other countries. It’s pretty fast and reliable.

Do You Ship Internationally?
Yes we do! We ship all over the world. If you have any shipping questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover & PayPal.

Cleaning & Care

Can I clean my sheepskin rugs?

  • Vacuum the sheepskin.
  • Brush the sheepskin with a medium firm wire brush (example: a dog brush) to keep the wool fibers separate and prevent matting.
  • Spot clean any stains with dish washing soap and water as soon as possible after they occur. Use a little water in a bowl with 10% dish washing soap. Use a white terrycloth like a wash rag, then rinse area with clean water, wipe dry with terry cloth. Do not try to wash the sheepskin in a washing machine, you can destroy the sheepskin.
  • Air dry inside away from direct heat or sunlight. Complete printable instructions.

What are your cleaning tips & care for Sheepskin Coats & Skins?
OH BY THE WAY, Do Not Wash Your Sheepskin Coat, Hat Or Slippers! We recommend you go to the hardware store, or sometimes you can find at the grocery store, a little brass bristle brush with firm bristles, then you brush the soiled area of your coat, cleaning the bristles as you brush, this may take a tiny bit of the skin off as you do it. OH yes, use common sense when doing this, don’t rub a hole in the coat cause we ain’t gonna replace your coat. But doing with moderate force can save you a $35 to $50 dollar dry cleaning bill. You could in fact brush the entire coat bringing it back to life. After years of wear you may want to have it dry cleaned, but that takes some of the life out of the coat.

Skins & Seatcovers?
We recommend you brush, shake and vacuum your sheepskin, as much as needed to keep clean and almost the original look to it. We also suggest dry cleaning, by some one who has done it before. If it gets where you feel you need to wash it, be advised, we do not guarantee the sheepskins through washing or dry cleaning. So don’t bring it back and say,,,wow you said I could wash it, and it shrank. We will not replace it.

However having said that, we have washed ours the following way, on several occasions. Keep in mind you are washing a part leather item, the leather part of hide. So what we do is, wash it in cold water only, you can maybe spin some of the water out of it, again NO HEAT. Then the best way to dry it is inside, out of the sun, stretched out, tacked to a piece of plywood, then stand it up to drain and dry, then shake it and brush the hair with a dog brush. If you don’t have a clean piece of Plywood, hang it over a line inside, tug and stretch it as it dries.

We have had good luck with this procedure. We also sell a mild wool wash at our store called Kookaburra Wool Wash, good for a number of washings. We also sell Mink Oil to condition & water proof all colors of leather and Saddle Soap to clean and smooth leather. Rain & Stain Protector Spray, easy spray on, helps makes suede & leather garments water resistant. Call 610-488-1782 or email us to order!

REPAIRS: We do some sheepskin coat repairs but need to see the coat to quote a price, and usually do not do repairs 45 days before or after Christmas, unless you purchased your garment from us @ Pat Garrett’s Sheepskin Outlet, or Sickafus Sheepskins our on line store. Location Rt 78, Exit 19, Strausstown, Pa 19559.


Is there a charge to return an item?
There is never a charge for an exchange of any item. Any item kept for 7 days will be considered a completed sale. Customers are charged shipping if they return a coat for credit.

More return information.

Where do I send a Returned Product?

Sickafus Sheepskins/Pat Garrett Sheepskin Outlet
PO BOX # 1
Rt. 78, Exit 19,
Strausstown, PA 19559

Include your receipt, your address and phone #, your wishes and your email address.