Our Awesome Customers!

Customer Photos


A picture is worth a thousand words...a few of our customers wearing their new outerwear: sheepskin and leather coats, hats, vests & gloves. Looking great and staying cozy warm!

Gracie Shearling Coat - Andrea from Sinking Spring, PA
Andrea Funk, Sinking Spring, PA., Cute as a button, Warm as toast. In Her New "GRACIE", Tan Shearling Coat.
Johnny Style Shearling Coat - Alex from Lancaster PA
Alex Butller, Lancaster, PA., In his New Black Icelandic Skin, "JOHNNY" Style Shearling Coat.
Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat - Mike and Charene
Mike & Charene, Morgantown W VA., Mike in his COUNNTRY MARLBORO, and Charene in her KATYIA, A Handsome Couple.
Steve Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coat - Quil
Quil in his Steve Shearling Sheepskin Coat.
Shearling Napa Jacket - Trina from Armore OK
Trina Walker, Armore, OK., In her New Shearling Jacket
Shearling Jackets - Roy and Tania from the island of fiji
Roy and Tania Byrne, From: The Island of Fiji, In their New Shearling Jacket, on a cruise to Alaska.
Cowboy Will Shearling Coat - Paul from Germantown, MD
Paul Raedeke, Germantown, MD. Paul in his Cowboy Will Shearling Coat.
Dark Brown Toscana Isabella Coat - Daryl from Cambridge MD
Daryl Newhouse, Cambridge, MD. Looking mighty Foxy, in her Dark Brown Toscana Isabella.
Mountain Man Shearling Vest - Art Heckman from Birdsboro PA
Art Heckman Jr., Birdsboro, PA. Wearing his Mountain Man Shearling Vest
Fringe Jacket - Deb from Birdsboro PA
Deb Struebel, Birdsboro, PA
Spanish Merino Coat - Martha from Morgantown, W VA
Martha, Morgantown, W VA., in Her New "Abby" Soft Spanish Merino
Spanish Merino Coat - Lindsay from Ontario Canada
Lindsay, Greely, Ontario, Canada. Soft Spanish Merino
Sheepskin Coat - Eugene from Philadelphia PA
Eugene Marshall, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Shearling Coats - Bill and Robin from Clifton NJ
Bill & Robin Gibson, Clifton, NJ USA.
Mens Sheepskin Coat - Eric from Bernville
Eric Schultz, Bernville, PA., USA.
Spanish Merino Coat - Rachael from Bernville, PA
Rachael Schultz, Bernville, PA, USA.
Sheepskin Coat - Chris Dileo
Chris Dileo, Coopersburg, PA, USA.
Shearling Sheepskin Vest - Andrew from Philadelphia
Andrew, Philadelphia, PA USA.
Montana Shearling Coat & Trooper Hat
Furqan Sutton, Carteret, NJ, USA. Montana Shearling Coat & Trooper Hat
B3 Shearling Sheepskin Coat & Trooper Hat
Furqan Sutton, Carteret, NJ, USA. B3 Shearling Sheepskin Coat & Trooper Hat
Fur Coat - Helene from Parsippany NJ
Helene Hardy Pierce, Parsippany, NJ USA.
Sheepskin Coat - Kate from boston, MA
Kate O'Brian, Boston, MA, USA.
Sheepskin Coat - Michele from Quebec Canada
Werner & Michele, Quebec, Canada. Everything is just beautiful, warm & fits just perfectly. Excellent quality sheepskin, workmanship & your service Pat is second to none. We'll be buying more items from you in the near future. Your business is definitely an exception compared to so many other businesses offering fraudulent internet retail sales of mostly fake or worthless goods. You are very honest Pat & you deliver what you advertise & promise.
Shearling Coat - Rich from Eighty Four PA
Rich Cunninham, Eighty Four, PA. Rich has been wanting a Men's Sheepskins coat for years, stopped by our store at Route 78, Strausstown Exit 19, said things are going good these days, so he will be warm for the next forty years in his New "Karl" Style Classic Men’s Shearling.
Napa Coat - Pat with Abdul
Pat with Abdul & Kim, White Hall Pa. Full Circle Services
Gracie Shearling Coat - Susan Ward
Susan Ward, Sleepy Hollow NY USA. I love my Gracie Shearling Coat with the hood added. It's so warm in this cold weather.
Sheepskin Coat - Russ Chambers
Russ Chambers, Reno, Nevada.
Shearling Coat - Brenda Tate
Brenda Tate, Pittsburgh, PA USA.
Sheepskin Coats - Helene Pierce and mom
Helene Hardy Pierce & Mom, Parsippany, NJ.
Debbie Condit / Actress, Jacksonville, Florida USA. Suede Cowgirl Jacket
Debbie Condit / Actress, Jacksonville, Florida, USA. Suede Cowgirl Jacket
Sheepskin Coat - Michael Bennett, Huntington MA
Michael Bennett, Huntington MA
Shearling Vest - Michael from Huntington MA
Michael Bennett, Huntington MA
Bike Jacket - Carl Bellesfield
Carl Bellesfield, Pennsylvania. Bike Jacket.
Sheepskin Coat - Jack from Dublin Ireland
Jack Armstrong, H2Films, Dublin Ireland.
Sheepskin Coat - Luke Petitgout
Luke Petitgout, New York Giants. Mountain Man Coat.
Country Marlboro Coat - Rex from California
Rex & Marie Hutchinson, Castro Valley CA, USA. Country Marlboro Coat.
Spanish Merino Karl - Bruce Loch
Bruce Loch, Allentown PA. Spanish Merino Karl.
Bomber Coat - Nick Silvio Reading PA
Nick Silvio, Reading Pa, USA. Bomber Coat.
Mink Coat with Fox Sleeves on Kip Thompson
Kip Thompson, Bradington, FL. Big Rock Trans. Full Length Mink/Fox Sleeves.
Men's Johnny Shearling​ - Mink Coat on Ben & Stephanie
Ben & Stephanie Spurlock, Haskell OK. Nice Folks! Regular Customers. Grey/Red Fox and Men's Johnny Shearling​.
Sheepskin Coats - Bucamo Family
Chris Bucamo & Family. Poconos Pennsylvania. B-3 Jackets and a Sasha Coat.
Sheepskin Coat - Tammy from Georgia
Tammy & Roger, Georgia. Gracie, Spanish Marino Coat​.
Shearling Sheepskin Coat - Phil from France
Phil Attwood, France. Steve Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coat.
Sheepskin Coat - Yonemorie, Japan
Toshiaki Yonemori, Osaka, Japan. Kidney Flap Vest​.
Sheepskin Coat - Jack Armstrong
Jack Armstrong, Dublin Ireland.
Sheepskin Coat - Ric Sullivan
Ric Sullivan - Musician, Lock Haven, PA.
Sheepskin Coat - Tom Glasco
Tom Glasco, Plainfield, NJ.
Western Collar Vest - Dr Ash
Dr. K. Ash - Fredrick, Maryland. Western Collar Vest.
Sheepskin Coat - Dave Sheeren
Dave Sheeren. Johnny Style​, Truckin' down Rt. 78.
Sheepskin Coat - Michael
Michael - Forest Hills, New York.
Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat - John Haines
John Hanes. Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat Walnut, CA​.
Sheepskin Coats - Andre and Nelson
​Andre & Nelson. Towanda, Pa
Johnny Shearling Coat - Dr Dennis Bouboulis
Dr. Dennis Bouboulis in his Johnny Shearling Coat. Darien, CT​.
Sheepskin Coat - Gerry Rodski
​Gerry Rodski, Mountain Top, Pa.
Sheepskin Coat on Jemal of New York
Jemal Cheatham, New York, NY
Sheepskin Coat - David Rosen
David Rosen-Owner of UBONS Bloody Mary Mix, Mountain Top, Pa. From Warren, NJ. Custom Made Joseph Shearling Coat.
Leather jacket on Salvadore of Jupiter, Florida
Salvadore Gutierrez. Jupiter, Florida.
Sheepskin Coat on Albert
Albert, Brooklyn, NY
Sheepskin Coats on Ann and Sam
Ann Fitzgerald & Sam Hinojosa, Alexandria, Virginia
Big Mack in his new B3 Jacket
Big Mack, Brooklyn, New York. Black Brisa B3 Aviator Jacket.
Sheepskin coat thomas of brooklyn
Thomas, Brooklyn NY.
Sheepskin Coat Dari
Dari Carlisle, Abingdon, MD.
Cowboy Will on David Sampson, Gainesville TX
David Sampson. Gainesville, TX, USA.
Black Brisa B3 Jacket on Tom Norquest
Tom Norquest, Bernville, PA, Black Brisa, B3 Jacket
John Cobb, in one of our Mens Sheepskin Coat
John Cobb, Allentown, PA USA. Johnny Style with Hood.
Bill Cleek in our Sheepskin Shearling Coat
Bill Cleek, Mannette, WI, USA.
Kevin Hathaway in our Sheepskin Shearling Coat
Kevin Hathaway, Marion, KY, USA. Just got this yesterday and love it. Nice heavy jacket and warm. The quality craftsmanship is something you don't see anymore. Thank You!!
Terry Witt in our Sheepskin Coat
Terry Witt, Worcester, MA, USA
Celest Hinke in one of our Sheepskin Coats
Celest Hinkel, Reading, PA. Full Length Katiya with a Hood.
Sheepskin Shearling Coat on Mark Collins
Mark Collins, Baltimore, MD.
Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coat on Grant Gustafson
Grant Gustafson, Waterford, VA, USA
Mountain Man Shearling Sheepskin Vest
“Dan The Mountain Man”, Stroudsburg, PA, USA
James Knotts in our Sheepskin Vest
James Knotts, Richmond, VA, Colorado Vest.
Sheepskin Snuggies on Beatrice
Beatrice & Mom, Showing off her new Snuggies, Sinking Spring, PA.
Karl style Shearling Coat and Trooper Hat on Robert Stonecipher
Robert Stonecipher, Sugarland, Texas. In his Karl style Shearling Coat and Trooper Hat.
Sheepskin coat on Lela Harley of waynesboro pa
Lela Harley, Waynesboro, PA
Joseph Style Brown Brisa Spanish Marino Jacket on David Papenfuss
David Papenfuss, Somers, Ct. Joseph Style Brown Brisa Spanish Marino Skins
Men's Karl Spanish Merino Brown Brisa on Jimmy Wong
Jimmy Wong, Western Australia - Men's Karl Spanish Merino Brown Brisa
Men's Kelvin, Dark Brown Napa / Black Wool on Jimmy Wong
Jimmy Wong, Western Australia - Men's Kelvin, Dark Brown Napa / Black Wool
Sheepskin Coats on Oliver and Edwin
Oliver and Edwin from Long island New York.
John Geary in our Mountain Man Vest
Erin in her new suede fringed jacket
Erin Rooney, Pittsburgh, PA
Suede Jacket on Crystal Lutz
Crystal Lutz, Willow Street, PA
Mountain Man Coat & Leather & Raccoon Hat on Abram & Ridhim
Abram & Ridhim, Holland, In His Mountain Man Coat & Leather & Raccoon Hat
Adrienne Priscella in Sheepskin Coat and Rabbit hat and scarf
Adrienne Priscella, Roseville, California
Gracie Sheepskin Coat on Nikki from Hagerstown, MD
Nikki & Matthew, Hagerstown, MD, Full Length Gracie
Sheepskin Shearling Coats on Perry and Dawn Jones of New Brunswick
Perry and Dawn Jones, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Jan Campbell of Sioux Falls SD in our Sheepskin Coat
Jan Campbell, Sioux Falls, SD
Sheepskin Coat on Shirley of Bechtelsville PA
Shirley M., Bechtelsville PA
Shearling Sheepskin Coats on Mike & Sally
Mike & Sally, The Manor B&B On Front St., Harrisburg PA
Sheepskin Coats on Scott & Ross, Texas
Scott & Ross C., Fort Worth, Texas
Sheepskin Coat on Sue Raney, Wyoming
Sue Raney, Dubois, Wyoming
Dr Mandelbaum in our Joseph Style Shearling Coat
Dr. David Mandelbaum, Providence, Rhode Island, Joseph Style Shearling Coat
Kelvin Style Shearling Coat on Judd Shumaker
Judd Shumaker, Bernville, Pennsylvania, Kelvin Style Shearling
Napa Shearling Coat on Dimitri Grimberg
Dimitri Grimberg, Brooklyn, New York
Connie Williamson in our Toscana Coat
Connie Williamson, Middle River, MD, Toscana Coat
Sheepskin Coats on Steve and Anita from Redding CT
Steve and Anita, Redding, CT
Napa Sheepskin Coat on Seth Schartner
Seth Schartner, Westerly, RI
Napa Sheepskin Coat on Sandra Leaks
Sandra Leaks, York Township, Pennsylvania
Linda Dunleavy in our Toscana Shearling Coat
Linda Dunleavy, Toscana Shearling Coat, Philadelphia, PA
Gerald Novaka in his 15 year old B3 Bomber Jacket
Gerald Novaka, Bradenton, Florida, in his 15-year-old B3 Jacket, purchased his third full length Sheepskin coat.
Dirk Sampselle in our Karl Style Brown Brisa Spanish Merino Coat
Dirk Sampselle, Fredrick, MD, In his Karl Style Brown Brisa Spanish Merino Coat.
B-3 Aviator Jacket - Elliott Maher, East Berlin
Elliott Maher, East Berlin, PA, B-3 Aviator Jacket
Toscana Sheepskin Coat - Diana Lockwood Hershey PA
Diana Lockwood / Iron Valley Real Estate, Hershey, PA, Toscana Sheepskin Coat.
Kathryn Adkins of New York in her Sheepskin Coat
Kathryn Adkins, New York, NY
Napa Sheepskin Coat on Daryl Bloodsaw
Daryl Bloodsaw, Athens, GA
Kennie & Debbie in their Aviator Sheepskin Coats
Kennie & Debbie M, Queens, NY
Hylton from New Zealand in his new Leather Coat
Hylton, New Zealand
Randi & Cole, Virginia Sheepskin Coats
Randi & Cole, Virginia
Sheepskins Coats on Randi & Cole from Virginia
Randi & Cole, Virginia
Walter from New Jersey in his new Sheepskin Coat
Walter, Hillsborough, New Jersey
Sheepskin Coat - Wess B, Virginia
Wess B., Ebony, Virginia
Sheepskin Cape
Teresa I., Mohopac, New York
Ray visiting shop
Ray S, Lumpkin, Georgia
Delong in his new sheepskin coat
Delong Wiggelton, Baltimore, Maryland
Malika in her new napa sheepskin coat
Malika Stephenson, East Brunswick, NJ
Wanda Brown, Jeff Oram, from N.J
Wanda Brown, Jeff Oram, from NJ
Sheepskin Coat, Karen Herrmann - Palmerton, PA
Karen Herrmann, Palmerton, PA
Sheepskin Coat, Warren Ware, Harrisburg, PA
Warren Ware, Harrisburg, PA
Sheepskin Shearling Coat - Bonnie Mazzeferro, Downingtown PA
Bonnie Mazzeferro, Downingtown, PA
Womens Shearling Sheepskin Coat on Laurie Horn from Milford MA
Laurie Horn. Milford, MA
Men's Sheepskin Coat for Leo Allseitz of Patterson MO
Leo Allseitz, Patterson, MO
Mens & Womens Sheepskin Coats for Aaron and Latesha of Philadelphia
Aaron and Latesha, Philadelphia, PA
Sheepskin Coat for Perry Jones of Brunswick, NJ
Perry Jones, North Brunswick, NJ
B3 Sheepskin Coat on Robert King
Robert King, Luray, Virginia
Men's Sheepskin Shearling Coat on Samuel Huggins
Samuel Huggins, Kingston
Sheepskin Coat on Eli Strauss
Eli Strauss, Boston, MA
Sheepskin Coat on Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker, Edinburg, TX
Women's Sheepskin Coats on Maureen and Sharon
Maureen and Sharon, Farmingville, NY
Women's Sheepskin Coat on Kiana Fontan
Kiana Fontan, Lancaster, PA
Our Women's Sheepskin Coat on Jeannie Badami
Jeannie Badami, Westbrookville, NY
Sheepskin coats on brian and ruby
Brian and Ruby Kerns, Fredericksburg, PA
Mike Moore of Reading PA in his new coat
Mike Moore, Reading, PA
Men's Sheepskin Coat on Alan Hersh
Alan Hersh, Blacksburg, SC
Terrez in napa sheepskin coat
Terrez Toldens, Easton, PA
Sheepskin Coats on Tiffany and Walter of Dallas Tx
Tiffany and Walter, Dallas, TX
Leather Biker Jackets on Allyson Pfleyer and Marlin Bower
Allyson Pfleyer and Marlin Bower, Reading, PA
Willie Gammage in our Colorado Sheepskin Vest
Colorado Vest. Willie Gammage, Frederick, MD
Shearling Coat on Kelly Jordan
Kelly Jordan, Allentown, PA
Sheepskin Coat - Javier Lopez, Bronx
Javier Lopez, Bronx, NY
Sheepskin Coat on Heidi Haase, Tuxedo NY
Heidi Haase, Tuxedo, NY
Enrique Hodge in our Brisa Bomber
Enrique Hodge, FL, Brisa Bomber
Stanley & Chris Ruymen in their new coats
Stanley Plato & Chris Ruymen. Orange County, NY
Sheepskin Coat on Susan Hoover
Susan Hoover, Brandy Station, VA
Sheepskin Jacket on Trudy DeWitt from SC
Trudy DeWitt, Summerville, SC
Sheepskin Coat on Reshawn Wilkinson
Reshawn Wilkinson, Atlanta, GA
Sheepskin Coat on Troy Scott from MA
Troy Scott, Seekonk, MA
Mens sheepskin coat on Miroslav Vadovic
Miroslav Vadovic , Bratislava, Slovakia
Men's Shearling Coat on Eric Khan
Eric Khan, Milford, CT
Mens shearling coat on Richard Rudnet
Richard Rudnet, Warminster, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Clark McCauley from Philadelphia
Clark McCauley, Philadelphia, PA
Sheepskin Coat on Draper from Atlanta GA
Draper, Atlanta, GA
Eric Rilinger in a Marlboro Coat
Eric Rilinger, Stanhope NJ, County Marlboro