Sickafus Sheepskins & Shearlings Reviews

Reviewed by: Kevin Hathaway, Marion, KY, USA
01/17/2019 - Nice heavy jacket and warm
"Just got this yesterday and love it. Nice heavy jacket and warm. The quality craftsmanship is something you don't see anymore. Thank You!!"

Reviewed by: Karen
01/15/2019 - Outstanding coat and darn good value!
"Ashley received the coat and the changes you made are perfect! The coat fits like a glove! She loves it!"

Reviewed by: Marty, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
01/07/2019 - Outstanding coat and darn good value!
"Fits perfectly and it's super warm! I've wanted a sheepskin coat for years, but could never find one to suit me (and they ALL were outrageously over priced!). As I said before - darned good value and money well spent - should 'a ordered sooner! Even with the Christmas season, I received my coat in less than two weeks! Can't say enough about how pleased I am with my coat!"

Reviewed by: Christie, Frederick, MD, USA
01/07/2019 - Got it this morning. I love it!
"I absolutely love the coat! Really warm and very cute, makes me feel special every time I wear it. Thanks again."

Reviewed by: Patty, Venice, FL, USA
01/01/2019 - Beautiful, soft and warm!
"I received my Sasha coat yesterday, and I must say, it's the most spectacular coat I have ever owned! So soft in the outside! So fluffy on the inside! I just want to live in it! Unfortunately, I live in Florida, and the weather only gets cold for a few weeks out of the year. But when it does, it's blustery and bone chilling! I also need this coat for when I travel to visit family near Buffalo NY. I ordered a small. I'm 5'3" and weigh 110 lbs. The small doesn't have any room for me to gain any weight in the hips, so that's a great motivator!🤣 Love my coat and the personal service I got from Pat Garrett. Thank you!"

Reviewed by: Margaret Daly, Madison, AL, USA
12/28/2018 - She absolutely loves it!
"I live in Alabama retired here from New York. I stop in this store every time I drive to New York every few years! Excellent quality this is my 2nd pair bought the pink color most durable,comfortable slippers ever owned!"

Reviewed by: Gordon Fogle
12/27/2018 - She absolutely loves it!
"Thank you so much for the fast service on my wife's Marlboro coat. It arrived early, the fit was great, and she absolutely loves it!"

Reviewed by: Mark Paschkes
12/17/2018 - Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Yesterday evening I received a beautiful jacket which fits perfectly. Many, many thanks to you and your staff for the quick and excellent service. I will e-mail you when we are en route and look forward to meeting you in person. Best regards to you and yours for the best of the holiday season."

Reviewed by: Andrew F Cheke
12/17/2018 - Quad Sheepskin Area Rugs
"I wanted to thank you guys (and gals) for my newest addition to my sheepskin collection . I received my second QUAD purchase today from FedEx, and it is a beautiful sheepskin to lay on top of my bed . . . The other QUAD that I purchased a while back is on my couch. All of my sheepskins are used daily by my wife, myself, and especially my 2 Jack Russell Terriers, Max and Molly. . . Take Care And Have A Happy Holidays Season!"

Reviewed by: James Hawkins, Toms River NJ, USA
12/17/2018 - Men's Ugg Style Boot - Sheepskin Lined
"Received the third replacement pair of men’s sheepskin boots yesterday. Three exchanges by you, no complaints, no problems at all. Kudos ! You should be commended on your customer support! I’ve never felt with a company that went out of their way to satisfy my needs. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to all!"

Reviewed by: Tom, Pleasant Hill, OR, USA
12/05/2018 - Women's Skuffies Slippers
"Best Slippers money can buy! I've been looking for a good pair of women's slippers for and long time. I came cross Sickafus last Christmas and bought a pair of these for my wife. She absolutely loved them and said they are the best shes every warn. Great Job Sickafus!!!!! "

Reviewed by: Jessie Payton, Detroit, MI, USA
12/04/2018 - Men's Country Marlboro / Stony Tan Color
"This coat is awesome I am very well satisfied thank you Pat."

Reviewed by: Kevin, Virginia, USA
10/12/2018 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Jumbo Long Wool
"Several calls to Jeff at the store, over 2 or 3 days after finding them online searching in google, then going through items in their website. Jeff was patient, answered all my questions, and gave me great advice. I purchased a jumbo long hair sheepskin pelt in "Grey Fox" for my 1993 Honda Goldwing GL1500 motorcycle seat. Just the raw pelt. I did not have them custom fit it to my bike.

Shipping from Pa to Northern Va took like 1 day wow! Came in a clean recycled automotive oil box, nice work recycling guys! The pelt looks great, seems very sturdy, and is more than big enough for my bike seat, front and back.

Jeff even provided me an elastic strap and some serious safety pins to make my own straps to hold the pelt to my seat. I trimmed most of the wool off the front/head end. About 6in worth. Cut a slot in it to go over the tab on the front of my bike seat that locks into a slot on the bike. Cut the elastic strap in half and with my seat off put the front slot over the seat tab and attached the 2 straps about 1/3 and 2/3 of the length of the pelt with some of the safety pins.

Stays on the bike perfectly so far with no complaints. Looks awesome to me. Feels super nice riding on it. Like I'm in a nice wool easy chair lol! Way better then any stock leather seat. No more sore sweaty bottom in the heat! Everyone thats seen it says it looks great. Thanks very much Pat and Jeff, your sheepskin pelts and service are fantastic!"

Reviewed by: Tia Stenhagen, Finland
10/09/2018 - Vicky Women’s Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"OMG!!!!! PAT!!! I just recieved my coat. I think I'm in heaven. Way beyond my imaginationes. You truly delivered. My dreams. I can't thank U enough. I'll send U pics when snow falls."

Reviewed by: Kathleen Crapse, Reidsville, NC, USA
09/21/2018 - Unlined Deerskin Gloves
"I have several pairs of these unlined gloves. They are great for my climate and always keep my hands warm in winter. Look good too."

Reviewed by: Kathleen Crapse, Reidsville, NC, USA
09/21/2018 - Sheepskin Seat Belt Straps
"We have had sheepskin seat belt straps in our vehicles for decades. They have given us good service and keep the seat belt from rubbing on my neck and shoulder. Ordering more as the last ones are about worn out."

Reviewed by: M. Mo'l, New York, NY, USA
09/20/2018 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Jumbo Long Wool
"First off, when I paid for the coat I thought it would take weeks to deliver; it arrived TWO days later. I could never find the BLACK one anywhere online or in store and they had it. I am never buying sheep-dogs (we call them that in NYC) from anywhere other than Sickafus!!!"

Reviewed by: S L Barnum, Waynesville, MO, USA
07/23/2018 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Jumbo Long Wool
"I Have A 2017 Indian Chief Darkhorse, with a Two-Up seat by Corbin and this thing looks, fits and feels as tho it was made just for such a machine..."

Reviewed by: John Hanes, Walnut, CA, USA
06/28/2018 - Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Just wanted to drop a short thank you for the outstanding service by your representative Cher. She was truly great in her response to my request. Moreover, I'd like to say how very much I am impressed with the handcrafted fit and overall suppleness as well as gorgeous good looks of this jacket...I cannot be happier... Initially I was told it would take 15-20 days to receive, however much to my delight I received the jacket in less than 10 days... Again, thank you for such great service and such a fine article of clothing."

Reviewed by: Matthew Schill, New London, CT, USA
05/30/2018 - The Wilderness Hat
"I bought this hat 8 years ago, and it served me very well LARPing. It was warm, and really added a lot to my costume. I ended up donating it to another LARP, and it is likely still used today. The four years I had it, it held up marvelously, regardless of the rough conditions. I fully recommend it."

Reviewed by: William Wetmore, Lima, Ohio, USA
04/19/2018 - Jumbo Long Wool Skins
"Dear Sir, I bought this Double Jumbo Sheepskin for my wife's chair. She has several physical problems and has lots of pain sitting in her recliner. From the moment the box was opened, she was in love. First with the color, then the size. We shook it out and placed it, over her chair with lots of options as to how we placed it to best advantage. We may have made a mistake, I'm not sure I'll ever get her out of the chair again, she took to that skin like a kid with her first doll. It always pays to buy the best you can afford and I'm sure we did just that(this) time. Thank you for a great product. I hope at some time we can find our way to purchase another something from you. Thanks AGAIN."

Reviewed by: Kevin Grennan, Mohnton, PA, USA
04/04/2018 - Karl Men's Spanish Merino Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"I just wanted to thank you for hooking me up with a beautiful coat. My wife loved it. You brought some joy into my life considering my situation. Again thanks for everything."

Reviewed by: Dana B. Smith Jr, Eldersburg, MD, USA
04/03/2018 - Men's Black Country Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Hello there back with a winter review of my coat. Buying this coat was best thing I've done in a long while. This coat is so warm all winter, when the cold finally hit this coat it was better than my hunting clothes wish it wasn't such a nice product or i would have used it for hunting. Even in the worst weather nothing gets through this coat which makes it nice to be outside enjoying the snowfall. I cant say enough good about my coat its soft enough to snuggle up with in bed and warmer than anything i have ever experienced. thank you pat."

Reviewed by: Debbie Flowers, Paducah, Kentucky, USA
03/26/2018 - Tractor Trailer Sheepskin Seat Covers
"Received the beautiful seat covers for Dana's big truck, they were easy for me to install and they look awesome, arrived very quickly...thank you to all"

Reviewed by: Desiree, Sparta, NC, USA
03/06/2018 - Jumbo Long Wool Skins
"I bought two red with black tips large for seat covers... These were the thickest softest best sheepskins I have ever bought.. They will last a lifetime. And I'm ordering more for the house.... THANK YOU"

Reviewed by: Albert Van der Tang, Lelystad, Flevoland, Holland
02/23/2018 - Men's Joseph Shearling Coat
"The timing could not have been better. -15 centigrade this weekend and we will be proudly wearing your jackets. Everything arrived in good shape and looks and feels fantastic. We cannot believe how warm and timeless they are. Many thanks for your cd. We will listen to it tonight. We could not be happier with you jacket, boots and gloves. Well done and we will be proudly wearing your high quality jackets. Thanks again"

Reviewed by: Toshiaki Yonemori, Osaka, Japan
01/31/2018 - Kidney Flap Sheepskin Shearling Vest
"Its received today. The size was perfect and the color was also good. Shipment was also perfect. I will cherish it. If there is something I want to buy, I will contact you so thank you."

Reviewed by: Chuck Dorcey, College Park, MD, United States
01/24/2018 - Sheepskin Work Vest
"I got my work vest - It was delivered yesterday, just as planned, and it keeps me warm (just as expected). The fit is excellent. I was a little worried about that, because I'm relatively tall and thin, but I guess we measured well, and you cut it to fit. My wife was amused at the rough appearance of the "work vest", but I wouldn't be surprised if she had me buy one for her after she thinks a bit more about how warm and comfortable it is."

Reviewed by: Micki McAboy, Charleston, WV, United States
01/16/2018 - Gracie Women's Full Length Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"It is FABULOUS! The fit is perfect, and it feels better than I could have imagined. This is actually the first coat I have ever bought. Pat, it was worth the wait. Thank you! One very happy customer."

Reviewed by: Mary Snow
01/06/2018 - Sheepskin Seat Covers
"We came in for sheepskin seat covers and now our rears are warm and happy."

Reviewed by: Susan Gizzo
01/03/2018 - Women's Sheepskin Shearling Snuggies Slippers
"Thank you so much for making such a great quality product and knowing the fit so well! I love my new snuggies slippers! They’re perfect!"

Reviewed by: Manuel Lopez, Middle Island NY, USA
12/29/2017 - Napa Trooper Sheepskins Hat - Orange
"Great hunting or anywhere hat very warm I bought 2 and my friend also loves it"

Reviewed by: TEE, Sharon Hill PA, United States
12/22/2017 - Women's Sarah Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Received my coat it was just as described but beautiful and warm in person. Love it. Glad I ordered from Pat. Thanks again."

Reviewed by: Jeff Rovillo
12/18/2017 - Sleep Comfort Sheepskin - 6 Skin Sheepskin
"I've been sleeping on the bed cover I bought from y'all for a few weeks now. It's fantastic. It fits my queen size bed perfectly and stays in place. It's crazy comfortable to sleep on in the winter and I'm betting just as great for the summer. The seams are nice and tight, not noticeable at all even with the shorter fur length. I've been considering this purchase for years since having bought a coat from you back when. I'm glad I pulled the trigger. It also arrived FAST! Thank you all, merry Christmas!"

Reviewed by: Ann
12/10/2017 - Women’s Suede Fringe Jacket
"This was originally meant to use on bike. Too cool for that. I wear it everywhere. Too cool"

Reviewed by: Tom Waters, Traverse City, Michigano USA
11/29/2017 - Trooper Hat
"GREAT HAT -- GREAT Price. Very warm hat, well made, correctly sized."

Reviewed by: Shanna Rahming, Reno, NV, USA
11/26/2017 - Sheepskin Shearling Coats
"We love our coats from you, I have a mink one, and a beautiful dyed black one with the matching hat. Roger has the bomber jacket he loves from you and another one so this will be his third one."

Reviewed by: Larry, Indianapolis IN, USA
11/08/2017 - Colorado Sheepskin Shearling Vest
"Received my vests, they fit great and looked great! They were custom made in brown and black, including nappa. Thanks again for all your help and service."

Reviewed by: BJ Ondo, Colorado Springs CO, USA
09/13/2017 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Medium Plush 1" Sheared
"Just wanted to thank you all, we've really enjoyed our 1 inch sheared sheepskin on our motorcycle! We just did a 655 mile trip and the comfort level was excellent. It also worked great to keep the seat either warm (at 11,000+ ft. Molas Pass) or in the 90 F heat in Durango, CO. :) Wish we could send you a photo of our bike, with the sheepskin on Molas Pass! :)"

Reviewed by: Joseph Milliken, Mt Holly Springs PA, USA
09/05/2017 - Men's Sheepskin Shearling Romeo Slippers
"Thank you. Got my slippers to day. They are wonderful."

Reviewed by: Meir Ettlinger, Monsey NY, USA
09/04/2017 - Men's WWII B3 Aviator Shearling Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
"Living the Dream . I still cant believe my wife let me buy this thing. This is the most awesome coat I have ever owned . The craftmnship is unmatched the price is unbeatable , and i have looked everywhere."

Reviewed by: T.M Sehnal, Salisbury NC, USA
07/18/2017 - Sheepskin High Back Seat Covers
"Seat covers fit great thank you for the excellent service and attention to details. "

Reviewed by: Dana Smith Jr, Eldersburg MD, USA
06/26/2017 - Marlboro Mans Coat, Black, Matching Gloves & Hat
"Stopped by pat garrett's place on june 17th and bought the black Marlboro Mans Coat, gloves to match and a hat. My wife came with me and she had so much fun looking at everything, she hasn't stopped talking about the place. Product from wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Randy and Pat were so kind and helpful. My coat fit fine and is so comfortable I didn't want to take it disappointment pat wasn't wearing the guns that killed billy the kid. As a cowboy wanna be am now ready to weather a winter on the range. I try the coat on every day and look forward to the cold. Thank you Randy and Pat for your politeness, courtesy and old good customer service. So many things to look at - its a 2 hour ride for us and worth it. When i want a leather jacket I need look no other place than the ones i saw hanging up."

Reviewed by: Michael Bennett, Huntington MA, USA
06/05/2017 - Western Collar Sheepskin Vest & Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"They’re everything I expected them to be. Beautifully crafted pieces of workmanship. I can’t understand why someone would opt to pay outrageous prices from a large leather goods store only to get something foreign made and poor quality. Once again thank you for offering nothing but the best at affordable prices."

Reviewed by: Steve, Yoe, PA, USA
04/10/2017 - Free Form Natural Shape Sheepskin
"Very soft and luxurious. Dyed an even color and sheared to a uniform length. Staff was helpful and answered all my questions. No problem for them to accomadate my request. Lightening fast delivery. What more could you ask for?"

Reviewed by: Mina Diaz De Rivera, Laguna Niguel CA, USA
03/15/2017 - Vicky Women's Shearling Sheepskin Coat - Black
"I just want to thank you for the lovely coat you made for me. It is very lovely and it looks great on. My husband loves the way it looks on me too. I am very pleased with it. Grateful that I found you and look forward to another custom fit coat for my husband too. Send us your new song too!"

Reviewed by: Romeo Palacios, Laredo, TX
03/05/2017 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Medium Size Long Wool
"Pleasantly Surprised - I was surprised just how well this cover fit my 2010 Harley Ultra Glide Limited. I bought the medium and it fit just great, riding will be better for me and my wife. Speedy delivery also, overall very satisfied with the service, delivery and fit. I would truly recommend this company and their products."

Reviewed by: Ronald Rangel, Orange CA, USA
02/04/2017 - Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"As a foreword to my review, I almost never post reviews and I own a number of expensive Italian suede jackets (John Varvatos, Remy, etc.). That being said, this jacket exceeded my expectations instantaneously. The first thing I saw upon opening the box was the color, which is an incredible golden-tan color that is a perfectly natural look for the accenting white shearling. Next the feeling of the suede and shearling is extremely soft, and the fit is perfect. The overall value of this offering is unbeatable, and if you are considering a shearling coat, I highly recommend Sickafus. Thanks Jeff, you definitely earned a return customer. "

Reviewed by: Dan Edralin, Kuna, Idaho, USA
01/25/2017 - Cuddly Teddy Bears
"My little girl loved the Teddy. She loves hugging it before she goes to sleep. It's new so it should get softer with more hugging."

Reviewed by: Dan Edralin, Kuna, Idaho, USA
01/25/2017 - Trooper Sheepskin Hat
"I love this hat. It is extremely warm and looks great. It keeps your head nice and toasty on those cold windy days. "

Reviewed by: Dan Edralin, Kuna, Idaho, USA
01/25/2017 - Shearling Sheepskin Gloves and Mittens
"The gloves are warm, but the inner lining of the gloves don't feel like shearling. It's more of a goat or cow hair type of material. They are warm though. "

Reviewed by: John Hill, Emmaus, PA, USA
12/29/2016 - Store Experience
"Just stopped by to exchange a pair of boots for my fiancé. Of course, I got the wrong size. Gimme a break, I’m a guy. I’m glad though because we had such a nice visit. While she was talking and getting the boots exchanged, I was in the back looking at jackets. Yeah, trouble, I know. Well, I found a gorgeous bomber jacket. Next thing I knew one of the men attending to her was back there with me explaining everything about their business. We sat and talked for quite a while. It felt more like visiting friends than sitting in a store. That was the point - they make you feel welcome. In this day and age when you can find darn near anything on the internet, sometimes at what appear to be great prices, we quickly learn that the service before, during and after is something difficult to put a price on. And yet, their prices are far below many you would find surfing the web anyway. It was such a pleasant experience I wanted to tell you that. Thanks, and we will do business again."

Reviewed by: Schae, BelAir, MD, USA
12/26/2016 - Sheepskin Scraps
"I live pretty far from store but came across it few years ago and got gift for baby shower, They where a hit and still tell everyone about the quality and fair price!"

Reviewed by: Michael Swift, Three Rivers, MA, USA
11/07/2016 - Men's WWII B3 Aviator Shearling Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
"This jacket is the bomb and with the hood it is a atom bomb . Damnd good .I have bought other things from this company and all there is to say is Damnd good."

Reviewed by: Brenda Tate, Pittsburg, PA, USA
10/27/2016 - Women's WWII B3 Aviator Shearling Sheepskin Bomber
"I just received my Ladies B-3 Bomber coat and I am absolutely thrilled!!"

Reviewed by: Zach, Sinking Spring, PA, USA
10/19/2016 - Steve Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Great coat! Ordered the toggles for a mountain man look. Absolutely love it! Will be ordering more products in the future! Thanks for the great quality and service!"

Reviewed by: Susan Bengston, Craig CO, USA
08/03/2016 - Sheepskin Scraps
"I have ordered twice from this company and the product I get is amazing! This works so awesome for my crafts that I will be ordering again and again from them"

Reviewed by: Rodney Duernberger, Weston, WI, USA
08/02/2016 - Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Seatcovers
"We received our Sheep Skin seat covers and tried them out today. I am here to tell you, when you said they were the Cadillac of seat covers, you where not lying!!!! They look excellent, fit unbelievably, and the comfort is totally awesome!!!!! Thank you again for the great service and delivering on everything you said the seat covers would be and more!! I will definitely tell all of my riding buddies about your product and encourage them to purchase one for themselves!!! Thank you again John for the awesome products and terrific service!!"

Reviewed by: Scott Thorby, Fulton, MO, USA
06/22/2016 - Tractor Trailer Sheepskin Seat Covers Coat
"Had my sheepskin in my truck now for almost 750,000 miles still looks great am now purchasing another one for my 2nd truck."

Reviewed by: Werner & Michele Glier, Quebec, Canada
04/28/2016 - Women's Rancher Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Everything is just beautiful, warm and fits just perfectly. Excellent quality sheepskin, workmanship and your service Pat is second to none. We'll be buying more items from you in the near future. Your business is definitely an exception compared to so many other businesses offering fraudulent internet retail sales of mostly fake or worthless goods. You are very honest Pat and you deliver what you advertise and promise."

Reviewed by: Randal S., Dallas, TX USA
04/08/2016 - Sheepskin Motorcycle Buddy Seat Covers
"Got my Seat Cover the other day and tied it to the seat of my Road King... I had to run out and try it... Put 200 miles on the bike that day and man o man was that a nice change to my backside... No hot spots, no seat edges, and no fatigue ...I could have kept on going but, I had to go to work the next day so... I will not ride without it ... Heading to New York from Texas in a few weeks..I have no worries regarding my arse now.... All my friends think it looks cool on my bike too..."

Reviewed by: Jim, IL, USA
04/04/2016 - Women's Erica Full Length Spanish Merino Shearling Coat
"Beautiful Work, Perfect Fit. Sickafus Sheepskins was a pleasure to do business with. They accommodated perfectly a change in the attachment of the hood (buttons rather than zipper). The coat arrived exactly as pictured with beautiful workmanship and materials evident throughout. The matching mittens, which we ordered extra, were also perfect in fit and appearance. I am a demanding customer, and I couldn't be happier."

Reviewed by: Kevin Rouse
02/22/2016 - Over the moon with the coat
"Nicole's coat turned up as promised on the Tuesday before her birthday, until she opened it on Thursday she thought i had sent her a blanket so that was the surprise I had hoped for. She was impressed with the greetings card you enclosed with the coat and over the moon with the coat of course and it fits her exactly. So after your efforts things went according to plan, she has since sent me a photograph of her wearing it and it sure looks good on her as I imagined it would so once again for your part of organizing her birthday present congratulations on a job well done."

Reviewed by: Alan Bates, Epping, Essex, GB
02/18/2016 - Men's Spanish Merino Ambassador Hat
"Good news - hat arrived this morning. Sorry to have troubled you. I am very pleased with it; nicer than what we have here in the UK."

Reviewed by: Teresa L Rutherford, Charles Town, WV, USA
02/17/2016 - Sasha Women's Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Best coat I ever owned. My boyfriend bought me this coat last year and I LOVE it . I didn't get a chance to wear it last winter that much but this winter I am wearing it and enjoying it. It keeps me nice and warm. It is easy to drive in. I highly recommend this coat."

Reviewed by: Teresa L Rutherford, Charles Town, WV, USA
02/17/2016 - Women's Skuffies Sheepskin Shearling Slippers
"My boyfriend bought me these slippers and I LOVE them. They keep my feet nice and warm and they are very comfortable."

Reviewed by: Floyd Kees, Vinton, Louisiana, USA
02/17/2016 - Deerskin Standard Style Gloves
"Bought 2 pair when I was driving a big truck. Lost 1st pair. Got a bike rode for 6 months in other pair that was 5 years old until some scumbag stole them off my bike. Going to get another pair but keep them in my back pocket."

Reviewed by: Beverly Renkema, Grand Rapis, MI, USA
02/09/2016 - Vicky Sheepskin Coat
"I received my coat this morning - perfect timing as we are expecting really cold temps here again this week. It is so beautiful! Thank you so much for this lovely coat. The re-work on the size is perfect. Sleeves are just right. Feel so luxurious when I put this on. I am looking forward to many years of warmth from this coat."

Reviewed by: Matt Simmons , Gaithersburg, MD, USA
02/07/2016 - Sheepskin Coats, vests and hats
"We have like 7 or 8 of your coats. My grown sons both have bombers, as do I, the wife has a Merino 3/4 length, as do I and she has a bomber-esque one. Plus I have a vest. Oh, we both have hats you made to match our Merino coats. Every piece we have bought from you has held up unbelievably well. All are like new, except I tore one pocket in my shearling vest -- caught it on a doorknob. Which was my fault. It got cold here today so I wore the Merino I bought from you. God I love it. Still looks & feels amazing at 7+ years old..."

Reviewed by: M. Mateen, Washington, DC, USA
01/30/2016 - Steve Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"Ive had this coat for some time now, and honestly I dont wear it that much. But when I do at least once a day someone gives me a compliment on it. On my life I swear, this morning 6:30 am someone asked me for it. :) Its 3 hrs later and Im considering buying another in black. Side note, If you can go to the actual store do so bc every coat is different. Thanks again Mr. Garrett"

Reviewed by: David Williams, Fairbanks, AK, USA
01/23/2016 - Men's Shearling Vest
"A few days ago I received a sheepskin vest with my requested alterations. Just wanted to say I was very happy with the results. Fits perfectly. Thanks much for a job well done."

Reviewed by: Susan Clifford, Easton, MD, USA
01/18/2016 - Women's Sheepskin Shearling Vest
"You remade the womens sheepskin shearling vest in dark brown I requested with a 29" back instead of your standard 26". I am absolutely thrilled with it especially because it covers my butt- not my best feature! There are a lot of women out there who feel as I do; I think you should add two more length options- one that just covers the butt, and one that comes to mid thigh. No problem with sitting, because of the open toggle front.....! Thanks again for a really great looking vest!"

Reviewed by: Jacky Garlock, Clear Lake, IA, USA
01/14/2016 - Johnny Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"We received the coat today. Looks great - THANKS and Happy New Year!"

Reviewed by: Gary Jones, West Midlands, UK
12/31/2015 - Thank you for your attention and quality, its good to deal with some-one we can rely on
"We got the coat today, and you have saved my life! This was a Christmas present from me to my wife, and she is absolutely delighted with the coat. No doubt she will show it to her friends, and you might get more orders from it. I hope you do, we will pass your info on."

Reviewed by: Dennis Kittleson, Frankford, MI USA
12/22/2015 - Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"The coat is beautiful, what workmanship! I am way more than pleased with this product. Thank you for having done such a wonderful job!! Much success to you in the future. Merry Christmas!"

Reviewed by: Mariana Siok, Montclair, NJ USA
12/11/2015 - B-3 Aviator Sheepskin Vest
"Beautiful Vest!!! I just got my vest and its the most beautiful thing! The material is amazing, super warm and cosy but very elegant. I order this one and it came too big the first time, but they fixed it and sent back a perfect one. Im size 34. Im super satisfied with this company. Thank you! Happy Holidays "

Reviewed by: Cherie R, Springfield, MA USA
12/11/2015 - Men's Sheepskin Shearling Romeo Slippers #30
"My husband couldn't be happier with these slippers. They are warm, have a nice sole so he can run outside for the mail in them and last a long time. The best part is, they fit his size 14 feet!"

Reviewed by: Tyson Grey, Philadelphia, PA USA
11/30/2015 - B3 Bomber
"Received the B-3 Bobmer jacket today Very Pleased! Looks Great. Real Appreciate all the work put into this! Bring on 1st snow! I'm good for the next 40 years."

Reviewed by: Ron Rogowski, Crystal Lake, IL USA
11/25/2015 - Steve Men's Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"My Steve shearling jacket arrived yesterday and exceeded my expectations! It was beautiful, fit like a glove, and felt wonderful on. Thanks for operating a world class business in PA!"

Reviewed by: John Lash, Elizabeth, PA USA
11/23/2015 - It was as nice as it could be.
"Received the vest today and it was as nice as it could be. Got with Pat on the phone to give him the measurements. He asked my height and weight and pretty much knew what the measurement were. Received the vest today. Perfect fit and excellent quality sheepskin and workmanship in the construction. I'd recommend them to anyone."

Reviewed by: Dave Crawley, Staffordshire, England, UK
11/02/2015 - Women's Erica Spanish Merino Shearling Coat
"Fit is perfect and the whole coat is beautiful. My Mums well pleased so are we"

Reviewed by: Lanise, Philadelphia, PA
11/11/2015 - Men's Sheepskin Vest
"Drove up from Philly to get a vest for a birthday gift. I was shown to the room where the men's vests were kept and I was given advice on the sizing. I must say he loved the vest and we plan top shop there again. I think I may treat my dog to a sheepskin pad for Christmas"

Reviewed by: Kathleen Kinney, Port Townsend, Washington, US
10/20/2015 - Fits Perfectly
"Well Pat, the coat came today and I it fits perfectly. I am never going to take it off. Thank you!"

Reviewed by: Dr. Robert Mason IV, Fresh Meadows, New York, US
10/14/2015 - Karl Men's Spanish Merino Shearling Sheepskin Coat
"I am telling all of my friends about Sickafus Sheepskins. I just wished to commend the fantastic workmanship & PERFECT sizing of the coat I rec'd. Have enough 'room' to fit my wool sweater beneath it should the need ever arise, though I doubt I will need to given how warm the coat feels. P.S. Get the custom made garment."

Reviewed by: Stan G, London, England
11/21/2010 - I am impressed with the fast service, the nice fit, beautiful skins
"I received my "Steve" style sheepskin coat here in the UK, I must tell you I am impressed with the fast service, the nice fit, beautiful skins, I love the Stony Tan color. Your prices are the best I've seen. I will send my friends your way. Thank you."

Reviewed by: Shira Block McCormick, Wilbraham, MA, USA
09/28/2015 - Gracie - 3/4 Length Women's Shearling Coat
"Hi! Just wanted to let you know I received the remade coat and it is beautiful. It looks exactly as I hoped it would look (like the picture). I truly appreciate your willingness to work with me. I'll be sharing your website with all my friends - hopefully they'll be easier than I was!!!"

Reviewed by: Ellen Clarke, New Hyde Park, NY USA
9/14/2015 - Lisa Women's Shearling Coat 3/4 Length
"I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the Lisa jacket was delivered yesterday and I really love it! It fits absolutely perfectly and it looks great. Very pleased for sure. Wanted to let you know!"

Reviewed by: Alan Lease, Frederick, MD USA
9/02/2015 - Men's WWII B3 Shearling Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
"I just wished to commend the fantastic workmanship & PERFECT sizing of the coat I rec'd. It has just enough 'play' to fit my down vest beneath it should the need ever arise, though that seems unlikely given how toasty warm the coat feels. P.S. Ordered coat on August 4 & rec'd on August 21 - great turnaround time for a custom or quasi-custom made garment."

Reviewed by: Steven "AKA RoadRunner, Ashland City, TN USA
8/15/2015 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Medium Plush 1"Sheared
"I purchased my seat cover 5 years ago and it still performs excellent. Never had to wash it. Had to dry it a few times in a dryer but the wool is still in excellent condition. I have over 60K miles on it already. Heat, cold, snow, rain. I would not go anywhere without it."

Reviewed by: Marion Sandefur, Dellroy, OH USA
6/26/2015 - Men's Sheepskin Snuggies Slippers
"Bought a pair in 95, and still wearing them. Have worn holes in them, sew up with fishing line and keep on wearing. warm, long lasting, well worth the money. Ordering another pair."

Reviewed by: Joe Quallich, Pittsburgh, PA USA
6/22/2015 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Medium Plush 1" Sheared
"I was impressed when you replied to my email about my order so quickly. I was impressed again on how quickly it shipped and how soon I received it. I received the seat cover earlier this week and I am very impressed with it. I've wanted a sheepskin cover for a while now and I'm very happy with the purchase. Thanks for the great customer service and great product. I'll be ordering another one for my car as well."

Reviewed by: Keith Skinner, Rugby, Warwickshire, Great Britain
3/19/2015 - Lisa Women's Shearling Coat 3/4 Length
"The coat has now arrived in GB, It fits perfectly and looks gorgeous!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Reviewed by: Karel Millard, Grand Rapids, MI USA
3/19/2015 - Abby Style Spanish Marino Coat
"I phoned Sickafus Sheepskins on a February afternoon when it was 1 degree outside. We were deep in a streak of record breaking, subzero temperatures. Even though I'm a native Michigan girl, I had about had enough. I have been looking at shearling coats for a long time but was having a hard time justifying the cost. I spoke with Pat on the phone and he was incredibly helpful - within hours emailed me pictures of a couple of coats that were just what I was looking for. I received my coat 4 days later! Oh my is easily the most beautiful garment I have ever owned. (I got the Abby Black Brisa Self Hood). It fits like a dream, not huge and bulky (I can climb in the car and drive), but I can easily fit layers underneath it. I still can't believe that something so light and buttery could be so warm, but it is! It's as luxurious and comfortable as wearing my bathrobe, but 110% more stylish! :) It is the perfect marriage of beauty and function and really very affordable when you start to look at the other options out there. I know it will last me for years and years to come. Totally worth it! Thanks, Pat!"

Reviewed by: Cheryl Huber Lee, Wheaton, IL USA
3/03/2015 - Abby Style Spanish Marino Coat
"Good afternoon Pat - I wanted to let you know that I did receive my lovely shearling coat and am VERY happy with it! Thank you so much for mailing it out so promptly such that I had it in time for our latest cold snap. It is everything that I was looking for! And...the price was much better than similar coats I Have seen from others."

Reviewed by: Nina Calder, Wallington, NJ USA
2/25/2015 - 3X Gracie Style, Icelandic Shearling
"Awesome coat! It's lightweight, beautiful, and they shipped it the next day. Happy Valentine's Day to me!"

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Smith, Chicago, IL USA
2/19/2015 - Mountain Man Coat
"Jeffrey Smith from Chicago here. I have to tell you about my Mountain Man coat. I was at the bank, with my coat, when I notice the guards watching me. One guard approached and it started; what a coat; great coat; perfect coat for the snow storm. When I got to the service window it started all over again. Sunday was my day to watch the parking lot at church so I GOT MY COAT. When I came inside a group was waiting for me or not me; the coat. WHAT A GREAT COAT. Old young male female, they all wanted to try it on and of course I had to say it was made for Me. So, I have been giving people your web site like I’m getting paid. Several ladies from my church said they were going to contact you because they saw something they like on the web site. Once Again, I Love This Coat---the Hat and Vest too. God Bless You and Yours Pat and the Work You do."

Reviewed by: Donna Vila, Merrick, NY USA
2/01/2015 - Womens / Mens Country Marlboro Shearling Coat
"I just wanted to let you know I received my new coat today. Thank you (Jeff and John) so much for correcting the size issue. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and fits perfectly. The quality and craftsmanship are superb! I am so glad I "did my research" and found you. Fabulous price, excellent quality, warm as could be and... made in the USA, what more could I ask for?? I look forward to seeing you soon when passing through to visit family. YAY!! I'm doing the happy dance!! :D"

Reviewed by: Gene, Downingtown, PA USA
1/16/2015 - Men's B3 Bomber WW II Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
"Best coat I have ever bought. Warm as toast. Make sure to get the hood, I did not and am sorry. Coat is ten years old, still looks like new."

Reviewed by: Daryl Newhouse, Cambridge, MD USA
1/8/2015 - Isabella Women's Shearling Coat
"I talked to Pat on the phone and ordered two different coats that he already had made up. It was so hard to decide without trying them on so i got a couple! Love Isabella, on brown with black Toscana. It is full length and so warm. Got it on the coldest day of the year so far so it was perfect. Gorgeous and warm. The second coat didn't fit as well so I think I am going to exchange it in person so I can try them all on. I'll probably end up with a few!"

Reviewed by: Art, Carleton, Michagan USA
1/7/2015 - Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Coat
"Nice coat great fit. I received My coat yesterday and I coulden't be more pleased"

Reviewed by: Kathy DF, Robbinsville, NJ USA
1/2/2015 - Isabella with zip off hood
"We purchased style in brown from the PA outlet in early Dec 2014 and boy is it a beautiful coat! Very rich looking and oh so warm. Sara was very helpful to us while we were shopping. Spent lots of money that day!"

Reviewed by: Kathy DF, Robbinsville, NJ USA
1/2/2015 - Nordic hat
"Received my Nordic hat in Stony color a few days ago! Beautiful hat, made very well. Finally found a hat that was large enough for my head & big hair! Looks so elegant."

Reviewed by: Dave Mathews, Melrose, MA USA
1/2/2015 -Colorado Sheepskin Shearling Vest
"The vest arrived CO safely before Christmas. My father reports an excellent fit, very warm and his garment of daily choice. He's received several compliments to date. Many thanks for all the help and beautiful vest."

Reviewed by: Sam Sahli, Cranberry Township, PA USA
12/31/2014 - Lisa Women's Shearling Coat 3/4 Length
"Received the coat for my wife just in time for Christmas. it is absolutely perfect in every way!!!! my wife loves it, pat was great in helping me with sizing, I cant recommend you high enough!!!! The whole experience was wonderful, Thanks again for everything, we'll be doing more business in the future."

Reviewed by: Beth Broderick, Nova Scotia Canada
12/29/2014 - Men's B3 Bomber WW II Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
"It is beautiful and now to see if it fits...Thank you for this Pat ... great service... great workmanship... I am happy"

Reviewed by: Bryan Feitel, Haddam, CT, USA
12/17/2014 - Spanish Marino Coat
"I received the coat yesterday and you are right, it is even nicer than I expected. It is totally unique and I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it. The skins are beautiful."

Reviewed by: Yveline Legagneur, Woodside, NY, USA
12/15/2014 - Chocolate Shearling Coat
"While vacationing in Hershey, and on our way back to New York City, my friends and I decided to stop at a small store billed as a "sheep skin outlet." This was a surprising whim but, boy, did it pan out! I tried on a few coats and fell in love with one particular style, but it didn't come in a small. The manager assured me that it can be made in my choice of shearlings, in my size. So I went ahead a ordered it. Last week, I received a BEAUTIFUL chocolate shearling coat!! The quality is superb and the fit spot on. I'll be returning!"

Reviewed by: Peg Lull, Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA
12/13/2014 - Vicky Women's Shearling Coat
"Wanted to let you know that the coat arrived earlier this week and it is perfect! Have not shown my daughter - she will have to wait for Santa. It fits me so I'm sure it will work (we swap clothes). I just might have to have one for myself! Thank-you for making her Christmas dreams come true."

Reviewed by: Don Kuhlman, Ridge, NY, USA
12/13/2014 - Gracie Sheepskin Coat
"Just wanted to let you know that my wife loved the coat you made for her Nice to know there are still people like you making quality products in the USA"

Reviewed by: Sharon, Tucson, AZ, USA
11/29/2014 - Women's Soft Sole Split Cuff: Snuggie
"Priced right. A great slipper for keeping your toes warm around the house. Very soft and comfortable. Thank you!"

Reviewed by: Sharon, Tucson, AZ, USA
11/29/2014 - Women's Skuffies Sheepskin Slippers
"I ordered the pink ones. I was looking for an American made option and I found Sickafus. These are warm, comfortable and fit perfectly. They are very well made and the price is very competitive. I support American made. Thank you for your craftsmanship. I can tell these slippers were made with pride and love."

Reviewed by: Jody Rule, Dallas, TX, US
11/14/2014 - Women's Country Marlboro Sheepskin Coat
"Thank you so much. My coat arrived yesterday - IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! It fits great as well. My husband who was skeptical about ordering to begin with but got the coat for me for Xmas was also impressed with the look and quality. Again thanks so much."

Reviewed by: Barb Jackson, Two Rivers, WI, US
11/03/2014 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Jumbo Long Wool
"Received our Jumbo sheepskin today! Love it! Thank you!!"

Reviewed by: Todd Bradshaw, Madison, WI, US
11/03/2014 - Men's Country Marlboro Shearling Coat
"Love my coat! Pat, Jeff & Crew, My custom extra-long Country Marlboro arrived today. It's beautifully made and fits perfectly. Any sheep would be proud to be part of it! Thanks for all your help and fast delivery"

Reviewed by: Leslie, Glens Falls, NY, US
10/24/2014 - Gracie - 3/4 Length Women's Shearling Coat
"Received my coat about three days ago and I absolutely love it! I reside in the Adirondacks and desperately needed a warmer coat. I do believe that my new coat fits the bill. The customer service was top notch and will recommend to all my friends in the market for a Shearling coat."

Reviewed by: Yoko Ishiwata, Tokyo, Japan
10/19/2014 - Isabella
"I have received the coat today, 3/4 length Black Brisa. The coat is really beautiful! I really love it and will wear it for a long time."

Reviewed by: Debra Elsinger, USA
10/17/2014 - Medical Double Sheepskin
"I purchased a medical double sheepskin a couple of weeks ago, and you, sir, are a godsend. My sleep has become a healer with the sheepskin. I am delighted beyond telling to have found your products!"

Reviewed by: Sung Choi, Watertown, MA, USA
10/15/2014 - Tailored Sheepskin Coat
"I received my tailored sheepskin coat today and I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much. It was worth the wait."

Reviewed by: Alan Hughes
10/10/2014 - Sheepskin Coat Alterations
"Received my coat today following the alterations.perfect!!! Thank you so much!"

Reviewed by: Christopher, Adelaide, SA, Australia
5/20/2014 - Pat Garrett Men's Black Duster
"Received my Pat Garrett Duster today and tried it on. Its AMAZING! Fantastic quality, Great fit, comfy and worth every cent!! If your in the market for a duster/coat, Then you shouldn't go past this"

Reviewed by: Benny Greene, Roseboro NC, USA
5/20/2014 - MotorCycle Sheepskin Seat Cover Medium Plush 1"Sheared
"Friend at Church told us how much more comfortable his Goldwing's Seat was now, so we ordered one for our '94 Goldwing, and he was right. Our's had a Corbin Seat on it & it was hard as a rock. Now we enjoying riding so much more, it made the seat soft."

Reviewed by: Tahnee and Roy Byrne, Island of Fiji, AU
5/12/2014 - Marlboro & Gracie Coats
"We have just picked up our wonderful coats from the hotel in LA. Wow very impressed and they fit beautifully. We fly to Vancouver tomorrow then it’s on the ship to Alaska so let’s hope the weather is nice and cold."

Wonderful, Very happy you like your coats, you were smart getting them when you visited the USA, you saved shipping money, and Import duty, and I think you save money getting them from us too.

Reviewed by: Leslie Dunaiski, Black Forest, CO USA
3/25/2014 - Two Sheepskins Sewn Together Jumbo Skins
"Beautiful! Received the skins on Friday! Beautiful! Thank you ever so much for your kind attention! And I liked you on Facebook. Will surely recommend you to anyone I know that is in the market for sheepskin products. Again, many thanks! I am SO pleased!"

Reviewed by: Nancy Royer, Rocky Mountains, Denver, CO USA
3/17/2014 - Women's Natasha Full Length Toscana Shearling Coat
"My gorgeous new Natasha coat, that my Dad ordered for me arrived safely 5:00 pm Monday. I put it on right away and the fit is perfect ...roomy enough for a sweater and long enough in arms and hits just above my ankle. The hood is wonderful. It is nice to have a custom made coat.

The true test is for warmth. My Cabela's long down coat bought at the Hamburg store was not warm enough our first year 2013 here in Colorado due to the Rocky Mountain/Wyoming wind and snow/ fog snowstorms of tiny crystals. I have been really cold until I remembered the Sheepskin coat Dad bought in State College that got me through school at Penn State 40 years ago. Well, yesterday I was out in the new Sickafus coat when the temperature dropped like a brick and women were saying the wind was like Kansas and the Wizard of Oz and someone with a Suburban said she couldn't stay on the road. I never felt it in your new coat and the snow bounced off the sheepskin hide. I was able to pull down the hood and use the toggles to tighten the coat around my face. I got home and switched back to the down coat to retrieve trash cans blown away and almost froze to death. My Eddie Bauer down jacket is worthless in this cold weather as well. Wind goes right through it but sheepskin stopped the wind.

Your coats are worth ever penny, finely constructed and wonderful Toscana shearling. I have a high quality mink Dad bought for me at Millers Furs in Bethesda and it is very warm but not as warm as the shearling coat from your store partly because the mink is half length and no hood. But it may also be the type of skin. I am covered in the Natasha coat and I got Teva black shearling knee boots. I can easily drive the car wearing the coat as it is not bulky. My husband says we wouldn't find a coat for this price in Denver....and I might add this quality at Overland or Mark Lloyd Furs.

Thank you again for making such a warm, beautiful coat."

Reviewed by: Syliva Aldrich, Chattanooga, TN USA
3/17/2014 - Katiya Women's Shearling Coat - Full Length
"OMG! What a gorgeous coat!!! It fits well...just loose enough to wear *something* under it. It is perfect in the sleeves, nice and long, the style is terrific. I just plain LOVE it! Please thank the people who made it for me!"

Reviewed by: L Moomjian, Frisco, TX USA
3/05/2014 - Women's Sheepskin Snuggies Slippers
"I just received these and already love them. One caveat: they are more like wearing an extra warm sock because the sole has no support. I put in a ortho support and the slippers are now wonderful. They run a bit small...I wear a 7 1/2. These are an 8 and I couldn't wear them any smaller."

Reviewed by: Donna Arellano, Plainfield, IL USA
2/23/2014 - Women's Erica Spanish Merino Shearling Coat
"I got this coat for Christmas and I love it. It's very warm when it's -20* yet it's not heavy at all. The coat is absolutely amazing! Highly recommend this coat"

Reviewed by: Bonnie Lee Ban, Los Angeles, CA USA
2/19/2014 - Women's Sarah Shearling Coat
"My coat is lovely, warm and very soft. It fits me like it was made for me, because it was! The company offered great service, a high quality product and prices significantly lower than comparable coats available on line. I know I will enjoy this coat for the rest of my life and I am so grateful that I found Sickafus."

Reviewed by: Susan Phillips, Silver Spring, MD USA
2/10/2014 - Women's Sheepskin Snuggies Slippers
"Just wanted to tell you that received the larger-sized slippers today and they are perfect! Thanks very much for being so nice about the exchange. I'll happily refer more folks to you. Great slippers at a very modest price. I've been looking for a long time for the perfect pair, and these are it."

Reviewed by: Merritt DeGraw, Lincoln, CA
2/07/2014 - Eucalan Wash for Sheepskin
"When is a soap not a soap. I have been using Eucalan ever since Pat introduced it to me to clean my arm pads for my wheelchair. I love the way it cleans and conditions my sheepskin products! To my novice mind when I see the dirt in the sink, the product is doing its job and you don't have to rinse. My arm rests and other sheepskin products stay soft and supple to!"

Reviewed by: Mike Pepper, Athens, AL USA
1/29/2014 - Men's B3 Bomber WW II Sheepskin Bomber Jacket
"I bought a bomber jacket last year. I know that I live in the south but we have had a very cold winter (for us) 7 degrees this morning. This is the best jacket I have ever had. It is so comfortable and warm and I have had so many compliments on it. (I have been proud to advertise for you!)"

Reviewed by: Jess, WI USA
1/17/2014 - "I thought you would appreciate the email my Mom sent upon receiving her coat. I will most definitely be recommending your company to everyone I know who lives in a cold climate and would like a beautiful piece that fits them perfectly.:
Thursday Evening I arrived home from rehearsal to find a big box waiting for me on the front porch. What great fun to open it and unwrap the most spectacular gift from you! It arrived in pristine condition, all wrapped up in pink tissue and looking just fabulous. It is JUST like the picture showed it to be. The shearling part is SO soft and welcoming and the outer skin is gorgeous . . . . soft and supple and the most beautiful shade of choclate-y brown. The color is really saturated and a truly glorious tone. I slipped it out of the box and put it on right away! Perfect fit. Perfect length, sleeves just the right length and everything buttoned up and could not be any better. It has a great hood (which can be zipped off) and a shearling collar as well, nice deep pockets, and I could not ask for more! How can I thank you? You now know that I shall be toasty warm for the rest of this gosh awful winter we are having. I'll probably still be wearing it in June!"

Reviewed by: Karen Amherst, Amhurst, OH USA
1/11/2014 - Women's Skuffies Sheepskin Slippers
"These slippers are the BEST!! I love them! Their warm, cute and very well made. I already recommended Sickafus to my family and friends. Great job!"

Reviewed by: Karen Amherst, Amhurst, OH USA
1/11/2014 - Women's Ugg Style Boots - Sheepskin Lined Boots
"I have a medical condition that requires I keep my feet very warm and very dry. I called and spoke to someone here and asked for the warmest boots they have. The gentleman recommended these boots. They are very well made and very warm. The sheepskin on the inside is really thick. I purchased the "Cadillac Shield" spray and so far...they look good as new. Very warm! The only thing is the top of the calf is kind of narrow but it's stretching with wear. Thank you for a great job and...I received them within two days of ordering!"

Reviewed by: Karen Amherst, Amhurst, OH USA
1/11/2014 - Sheepskin Shearling Gloves & Mittens
"I have Raynaud's syndrome and keeping my fingers warm in the winter is always an issue. I have tried special gloves and heated mittens which have been a hassle and wear out easily. I decided that if God made it to keep the sheep warm then maybe it would work for my hands. Works like a charm!! While my hands still get cold in sub-zero weather, they do not turn blue and then white. These mittens keep my hands warmer than anything else I have tried and with no heating in the microwave!! I can get in my cold car and drive without wanting to cry because my hands hurt. Thank you God and thank you Sickafus!!!"

Reviewed by: CR Sturge, Leavenworth, WA USA
1/1/2014 - Women's B-3 Bomber with Hood
"Top Shelf Qualit. Looks great. Absolutely beautiful workmanship. Sizing was right on. Very warm but not too bulky. The picture doesn't do it justice. And hand made in the USA. You will love it for many years to come."

Reviewed by: Linda Miller, USA
12/31/2013 - Mens's Montana
"The black Montana arrived!! It's absolutely gorgeous! He was totally surprised and loves the coat!! It's five below zero at the moment. I can't get him to take it off!! Cheers, and Happy New Year to you and everybody at Sickafus."

Reviewed by: Randy Kennedy, Topeka, Kansas USA
12/27/2013 - Mens's Sheepskin Booties #40
"I am on my third season with these. The fleece is much nicer than that place in Maine (my wife has some of those). Warm and comfortable."

Reviewed by: Al Lazar, Pittsburg, PA USA
12/26/2013 - Shearling Products
"I've got to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the shearling coat, boots, hat and gloves I purchased. Here in Pittsburgh, we've had a number of below-zero days with high winds. Without your apparel, I'd be a popsicle. When I wear everything and stand with my back to the wind, I don't even know there's a wind. The best investment I ever made. Many, many thanks for making such marvelous clothing."

Reviewed by: Eugene Still, Santa Fe, NM USA
"Got my Christmas present coat this morning. Just PERFECT"

Reviewed by: Wayne Beutel, Warren, MN USA
"Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my new coat. Your size recommendation was spot on. But more over than the product, was the customer service. Made in the USA, (at a reasonable price) no voice mail, lengthy menus or answering machines.

“Old fashioned” personalized service INTEGRITY is almost unheard of anymore.

In this world of having to be politically polite, it was a true pleasure finding your company. There is but a hand full of “you” remaining. I may contact ABC Made in America."

Reviewed by: Sue Spero, Oak Lawn, IL USA
12/19/2013 - Snowball Sheepskin Bonnet with Pom Poms
"Just want you to know I received my Black Sheepskin Pom Pom Snow ball hat today, and it's beautiful! Fits great. Thank you so much I would highly recommend you to others."

Reviewed by: Nancy, Chicago, IL USA
12/13/2013 - Women's B-3 Bomber with Hood
"Beautiful Coat. I ordered this jacket in gray and love it. It's super warm and not a heavy coat at all. I ordered a medium and the coat runs pretty generous - I could have probably fit in the small."

Reviewed by: Hugh Dempsey, Washington, USA
12/12/2013 - A warm thank you
"Pat the Coat Man, thank you for sending my new sheep skin coat to me. I was not expecting it so it was quite a surprise to find this terrific coat waiting for me at home. It is really beautiful and perfectly made. I am sure I will be wearing it for many years to come. I AM QUITE A HIT ON CAMPUS!"

Reviewed by: Jan for Frayed Edges, Attleboro, MA, USA
12/10/2013 - Sheepskin Scraps
"I received my bag of scraps yesterday. They're fantastic. I can't wait to start creating. I'm getting ready to order a bag of leather scraps now :)"

Reviewed by: Robin, Windsor Locks, CT, USA
12/09/2013 - Women's Skuffies Sheepskin Slippers
"I love, love, love these slippers!! I wear them until the soles are just about gone and, b'cuz I was a truck driver, there was always a chance of me being able to go by here, stop and, buy a spare pair for when it was time to finally throw the pair at home in the trash!! These slippers are just so warm & comfortable!!"

Reviewed by: Steve Morris, Blauvelt, NY, USA
12/07/2013 - Slippers
"Stopped by your place a few days ago to pick up some slippers for my wife. While there I got second pair for my mom. Great place!"

Reviewed by: Bill, Glen Burnie, MD, USA
12/06/2013 - Kelvin
"I have always wanted a shearling coat but could never "pull the trigger" we drove 2 hours from Baltimore to have measurements made on sight. Sara measured me perfectly. I had coat a made that is not listed on the sight. a kelvin in merino. it arrived this week and it fit like a glove. a tailor made coat for less than an off the rack with the sleeves to long. we are going back to get the wife a "katiya""

Reviewed by: George, Orlando, FL, USA
12/05/2013 - Karl Men's Shearling Coat
"Excelente Quality And better service"

Reviewed by: Sarina, Newport News, VA, USA
11/24/2013 - Women's Sheepskin Snuggies Slippers
"Long Lasting. I love my snuggies. My cousin bought me a pair when I was 16, I am 39 now and my snuggies are still in great shape. The only problem is keeping my daughter from taking them."

Reviewed by: David Walter, Potomac, MD, USA
11/02/2013 - Karl Men's Spanish Merino Shearling Coat
"I received the coat and it is fantastic."

Reviewed by: Kathy Lewis, Farmington, NH, USA
10/31/2013 - Gracie 3/4 Length
"Just wanted to tell you I wore my Gracie coat for the first time last night taking our little grandson trick or treating and I was toasty! I love that coat and am preparing to order my Gracie long one."

Reviewed by: Mike Marshall, Peoria, ILL, USA
"I am looking more for a jacket than a coat. I already have one of your coats in my closet. I also have a bomber so something about that 30" length but different than my bomber.
Will appreciate any ideas you have.
Just as a side note-your products are 1st class."

Reviewed by: Rueben Barrett, Sauk Village, ILL, USA
10/23/2013 - B-3 Aviator Bomber Jacket
"I recently received the B-3 Aviator Bomber Jacket
Great coat!!! thank you! - fits great and I don't have to lose any weight to wear it :-)
Arrived on a great day here at 34 degrees this morning."

Reviewed by: Kerri Bartleson, Atlanta, GA, USA
10/18/2013 - Katiya Coat
"I wanted to tell you how excited I am that my coat, Katiya Women's Full Length, arrived!!!! Now I just have to wait for the cold weather to come and I can't wait to wear it! It was a pleasure dealing with you all and Jeff was very helpful. I had a hard time deciding between the two coat colors and Jeff's comments were very instrumental in my purchase. I'm so glad I was in the NJ area and drove up to your store. It was worth the drive.
I've looked at other sheepskin coats in high end store and they were so expensive. Your coats are beautiful and unique and the prices are reasonable. I was also surprised by how light they are, they look heavy on the website.
I will be more than happy to pass your contact information on to anyone who inquires."

Reviewed by: Maureen May, Coledale New South Wales, Australia
9/13/2013 - Vicky Coat
"I received the Jacket and to say I am ecstatic would be an understatement. You have done a great job and very happy with it. Thank you very much"

Reviewed by: Kathy Lewis, Farmington, NH, USA
9/13/2013 - Genuine Icelandic Shearling
"Picked up my coat from the post office today and it is stunning!! I am wondering how something so soft and lightweight will keep me warm, but I trust you! What a beautiful job, down to each and every detail. Can't thank you enough. Will be ordering the Gracie long coat (will also want the hood on that one) in the next month or two. Thank you again!!!"

"Ahhhhhh Kathy, you are sweet, I was wondering last evening if you had gotten your coat, yet and what you will keep you mighty warm, its genuine Icelandic Shearling. Say listen, may I add your comment to our list of comments on the web site. We will get you a nice coat in the log version you want too....Thanks, for your note. Pat"

"Hi Pat, Of course you may add my comments to the website! It's so gorgeous I want to wear it now! Soon enough I'm sure the weather will demand it. Can't wait for my long one, too! Have a wonderful day Pat and thank you again for doing such a beautiful job."

Reviewed by: Mary Ellen, Effingham, Il
9/6/2013 - Auto Seat Belt Cover
"I have been buying these for years from this company. I have them in all my autos. Would not be without them. No other compares to these"

Reviewed by: Brian Reigle, Hummelstown, Pa
8/15/2013 - New found rear comfort
"Rode my Yamaha Majesty Scooter to look at sheepskin seat covers or a possible custom. Ended up buying a X Large butt saver in the Day Glow color. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Never had this kind of comfort before on any motorcycle or scooter til I bought this sheepskin seat cover. Fantastic looking and had great pricing. The employees where so nice and even let me take them outside to see how they looked and fit my scooter. I'm super happy with my Butt Saver."

Reviewed by: Achim Mantscheff, Köln, Germany
8/11/2013 - The coat has arrived, beautiful
"Dear Pat, the coat has arrived, beautiful. Even Gaby says that she would be willing to walk along my coat. Everything's ok, Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
Next time I'm over there I will drop by your bar and listen to everything. Best wishes from over here."

Reviewed by: Kenny Rehagen, USA
7/31/2013 - Old-time personal service
"I ordered a sheepskin cover for my H-D motorcycle from your factory last week over the phone, I wanted to say thanks for your product and Great down to earth old-time personal service!! I looked at your wildhog web site to see all songs that you recorded, and it was my honor that I got the chance to speak with you on the phone!!"

Reviewed by: Marc Mol, Connells Point, Australia
6/14/2013 - Quality of materials and workmanship on this beautiful coat is superb
"Received the coat this morning, many thanks. :-) The quality of materials and workmanship on this beautiful coat is superb, and fits me nicely! It certainly looks like a coat that will last a lifetime!
Many, many thanks for rushing the shipping through and is much appreciated."

Reviewed by: Frank Villanueva, Blackfoot, ID, USA
5/31/2013 - Best coat ever!!
"I bought this coat a while back, it was all I expected. Plus a whole lot more. When I wear it, I get a lot of compliments. "Great coat" is the first words. They say. Great work!"

Reviewed by: Michael Born, Taylor Mill, Ky, USA
"Ordered on Monday and received it on Wednesday. Fantastic fit and if you can find it cheaper somewhere else, I salute you. I will tell everyone I ride with about this. Thanks Sickafus. Will enjoy this for a long time."

Reviewed by: Marilyn Harp, Auckland, New Zealand
4/23/2013 - Absolutely thrilled with it!
"Hi Pat, thanks so much for John's jacket. He is absolutely thrilled with it ! Just waiting for it to get cold enough in Auckland - maybe need a trip to USA lol.... Thanks again.... I will write soon with the details for one for me!"

Reviewed by: Maureen, Chesapeake City, MD, USA
4/11/2013 - Great product
"Love ths sheepskin ! Will be buying more soon"

Reviewed by: Stephan, Philadelphia, USA
4/10/2013 - Great Craftsmanship Still Exists
"Beautiful coat that fits perfectly. I am tall, 6'7" and the coat fits me beautifully. I am happy to see that great craftsmanship still exists. Love it, nicest coat I have ever owned."

Reviewed by: Joedy Deeter, Greenville, OH, USA
4/1/2013 - Very well Liked.
"ordered the med.long wool white with black tips MC seat cover for my 2000 Harley Roadking,within 3-4 days had the item at my doorstep. I sewed some elastic straps with some metal hooks underneath the great already have good comments about it..Thanks guys for the fast service."

Reviewed by: Valerie Snetzinger
3/5/2013 - Feels soooo good
"I just got my butt saver. I love it! It looks great and feels soooo good Thank you so much"

Reviewed by: Jerry, NJ
3/4/2013 - Men's Marlboro Shearling Coat
"Pat, thank you for a well made luxurious coat. My customized order was received in five days. You are very professional and reliable. You just made a customer for life and your products will be recommended to others."

Reviewed by: Dave Ambrose, Allentown, Pa
3/3/2013 - A B3 parka I won't Part With
"I picked up my B3 sheepskin parka this Saturday morning and have not taken it off. Fantastic bomber warm as all heck great for bone cold windy times. Thanks Jeff I'll Be Back."

Reviewed by: Steve Hatch, Centreville, VA
2/25/2013 - Getting plenty of wear
"With the temperatures here in VA below freezing I am getting plenty of wear out of my "Steve" regular length sheepskin coat. I almost regret that spring will be coming before long and I will have to put it away. As I was walking to my office yesterday (it was very windy and cold) it occurred to me that was cozy warm inside the coat."

Reviewed by: Janice Ross
2/20/2013 - Very Toasty Warm
"I've received the jacket and I absolutely love it very toasty warm and long enough on me to be a coat, it will serve the purpose of running around the stable where I board my horses. Also with you shortening the sleeves the coat is perfect I will definitely tell people where I purchased the coat."

Reviewed by: Lenny Heath, Rutland, Mass. US
2/1/2013 - You were right
"Pat, you said I would love this coat and I do.. Its like someone else said,nothing like this in these parts.Service was great and you sir are a gentleman.. Thank you again!!

Reviewed by: Trish Wales, Chestertown, MD
1/29/2013 - They are perfect!
"Received the vests--they are perfect and we are both thrilled. Thank you again for great service and great products."

Reviewed by: Ed Shenderovich, Pittsburgh, PA
1/29/2013 - Thank you so much for the beautiful shearling coats!
"They came just in time for the cold weather here in Pittsburgh. For a few days it was 4 degrees outside, but with these coats, we didn't even feel it!! My brother and I are thrilled with our new coats. Once you put it on, you don't want to take it off. They fit perfectly, the craftsmanship is impeccable, and they look fantastic!! We've been getting lots of compliments on them. Thank you for these awesome coats!!!. These are, by far, the best coats either one of us has ever owned! AND . . . they are made in the U.S.A. !!!!
Fantastic job!!!"

Reviewed by: Robert Crusing, Beach Park, IL
1/12/2013 - Gave my measurements......BAM
"Less than ten days from giving my measurements to delivery. I'm of the size that you can't buy off the rack. I need a nip here and a tuck there. No problem they make to fit, and fit it does, perfectly. Beautifully made to order. Thank you, I couldn't (I could but thats a whole diffent subject) be happier."

Reviewed by: Kelsey Good, Canada
1/2/2013 - We are so happy with the quality
"I am writing this as a quick thank you for all of your help!! I really appreciate the time you took to help me with the perfect gift for my husband . He was thrilled Christmas morning to open the coat . It fits perfectly and he can't stop raving about it. We are so happy with the quality and I am so grateful you were able to get it to me in Canada on such a short time frame so I had it for Christmas. We will be recommending you and your company to anyone and everyone. Thank you again, you made a Christmas morning very special for a grown man!"

Reviewed by: Judy Brochetti, Indiana, Pa
12/30/2012 - Sheepskin - He Loved It
"I called and ordered a sheepskin to be sent to Michael in Cincinnati for Christmas . Just to let you know he loved it and said it was the best he has ever seen , Thanks Judy"

Reviewed by: Leila, Haddonfield, NJ
12/29/2012 - The best!
"We have had 4 of these skins- 2 white with grey tips and 2 brown, since we visited Pat Garretts in June 2006. The skins have been used on our couch and on our banquette in our kitchen and look as thick and lustrous as they did when we bought them. The best quality and the best value out there! About to buy some more for our kids rooms!"

Reviewed by: Jesse V., Pittsburgh, Pa
12/28/2012 - A great moment
"Just wanted to say that it was cool to see my mom get something she was convinced were only being made in China these days. Thanks for offering a great product, my mom loves these and I rock a pair for myself too."

Reviewed by: Katrina, Glen Rock, WY
12/27/2012 - Perfect work coat for barn/field
"This is a perfect work coat for barn or field on a frigid day. Great price & beautiful craftsmanship. It is everything I wanted. I receive compliments everytime I wear it."

Reviewed by: Michele (Hoy) Wilczynski, Pine Grove, PA
12/25/2012 - Awesome coat.............
"Just purchased this B3 Bomber WWII Sheepskin Jacket in a 42 for my husband as a Christmas gift. He is a 42 short & it fit perfectly. A special thanks to the great help from Darlene and Jeff who were extremely busy with the holiday buying season. The coat feels like soft butter & the sheepskin lining is plush and beautiful. Can't wait to purchase more items from the wonderful, local business establishment. Stay local and support local. Would highly recommend doing business with Sickafus Sheepskins to anyone I know or would meet."

Reviewed by: Debbie Ullman
12/19/2012 - I love them
"I did get the Sarah boots after talking to you a few weeks ago (you had called to answer my question), and I love them. Merry Christmas!"

Reviewed by: Ben Archambault, Montreal, Canada
12/14/2012 - Love It!
"I got the coat and love it.Thanks! Will probably order one for my dad soon."

Reviewed by: Elisa Hall
11/26/2012 - Wearing mine right now and they are so comfy!!
"Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you. Just sent my daughters each a pair of slippers for Thanksgiving cause they could not come home for the holiday, they were thrilled to receive them. Thanks so much for getting them out in time for my daughters to get them before Thanksgiving. Wearing mine right now and they are so comfy!!"

Reviewed by: Irwin Stromeyer, Verona, NJ
11/14/2012 - You Need To Know This About Sickafus Sheepskins!
"I found the store about 13 years ago while I was traveling in my sales territory (NJ,NY,PA). I stopped in because I was curious about if they had a quality product at a fair price. MY GOD!, what a find. I have bought a variety of sheepskin items from Pat and the crew over at Sickafus for the past 13 years.
Their quality is top notch. Their customer service is so fast to respond to the slightest issue, that if it happened any faster, they'd call you before you finished dialing the phone or sending the email. They are all extremely pleasant people to deal with. Pat is a real stand up guy, who only wants his customers be completely satisfied. Now a days, I do most of my ordering from them over the net, but Q&A about product is very quick and helpful. You don't need to go to the major dept stores to get a first quality product at a very fair price.
This IS the place to go if you need anything in sheepskin!!!"

Reviewed by: Robert Valentine, Brooklyn, N.Y.
11/5/2012 - Wow Wow Wow I love my coat
"I got a coat from them a long sheepskin coat , I must say I did not know what to think about ? if the coat would fit me or not. When I got it and I open this box and saw my sheepskin coat wow how beautiful it was and it fitted me 100% right. They know their job and they are good in what they do. Please buy one you will be so happy like i am. Thank you so much and it wont be the last time you hear from me either this I could promise you, again thank you very much."

Reviewed by: Fred Overbeck, Roseland, New Jersey
11/3/2012 - You will not regret this purchase, quality stuff
"I have owned this coat for more than 15 years and it still looks great. It's very warm and understated luxury. I can wear this coat with a suit or a pair of jeans and a sweater. when my kids were little and we would travel, the 3 of them used it as a blanket to stay warm."

Reviewed by: M. Rawlings, Sinking Spring, Pa.
10/12/2012 - Thick,Comfortable,American
"I bought the cover at the store. they were extremely helpful with choice and installation. not only beautiful and comfortable but made right there at Pat Garrett's. I can't say enough about the help offered from the employees at the store."

Reviewed by: Jay, Boston, MA USA
9/4/2012 - I love my new skin
"You are the BEST I love my new skin. The ride home on the bike was the best part of the trip on the skin. Thank you all. The guy from Boston, Jay"

Reviewed by: Tom Jones, Midland Park, NJ
8/27/2012 - Thanx for filling my order so fast!
"I had one of your sheepskin seat covers for about 5 years now. Got it at the store in PA on a trip back to NJ from visting my grown kids in FL. Finally gave up the ghost this last July. Got great use out of it all these years, despite being very hard on it; sun rain, hot, cold. Got the new one on and tucked in. Looks and feels great. Way more plush than the last one. My friends asked "Who shot the bear?" It's the black sheep of the family. LOL! Anyway, thanx again for a great product at a great price and the fast delivery."

Reviewed by: Maureen, Buffalo, NY
6/12/2012 - Thank you!
"We received our order and thank you. My butt thanks you too. Its was an awesome experience and our friends all asked for your website. So again Thank you."

Reviewed by: Rod Hura, New Zealand
5/29/2012 - Very Pleased!!!
"I have received the goods and they are as beautiful as you said. I am very pleased!!! They are very well made and fit perfect. Thank you for all your help including your team."

Reviewed by: Anita Luce, Fredonia, NY
5/8/2011 - Exactly what I have been looking for
"Just a little note to tell you how much I like my seat cover. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I have given your name to a couple of friends already. Thanks"

Reviewed by: P Thomas, Pasadena, MD
"I would just like to say THANK YOU. I just ordered boots for my wife and slippers for myself. But u guys did a great job with my slipper order for my sister and her family @ Christmas and were wonderful about the returns(cant believe kids feet grow so fast) when i ordered them and they got em their feet must have grown(lol). Thanks again you will always have my buisiness and will be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Reviewed by: Shelley I. Frankville, Ontario, CA
2/23/2012 - Coats are very warm and comfortable WITHOUT THE WEIGHT
"Please extend my sincere appreciation to all of the great people at Sickafus (which includes yourself of course)!!! I ordered my coat using your video to take accurate measurements, and I also sent you an email with an additional detail that I wanted you to consider doing (an inside pocket with a zipper for carrying my cell phone and wallet to eliminate the need of a bulky purse). You personally answered my question the same day I sent my email and I was so impressed at the quick response and attentiveness. At the same time I ordered the coat I also ordered matching mitts.
This being a Canadian order, I was concerned on the customs issue, the shipping and if the sizing wasn't correct i.e.: return policy etc. Well my concerns were for naught. The coat, mitts and slippers (yes I ordered them at the last minute - thank you John for looking after a Crazy Canuk's request!) were more than I dreamed. I live in a rural area and the coat was delivered to my local post office - I followed and tracked the shipment the second it left your doors, and I received my package within 4 days of shipping (which included a weekend). The colour was just as your web page showed, the sizing is perfect (I am quite tall and it is hard to get a coat that truly is a 3/4 length coat). The mittens were identical to the coat matching perfectly and are very warm. The slippers (you call them scuffies) I would wear to work if I could get away with it.
There is one thing about your product that you do not promote enough and I am here to tell you - your coats are very warm and comfortable WITHOUT THE WEIGHT. I have a full length coyote coat and after a short period of time my shoulders are sore and it doesn't "move" like your coat. I was afraid when I ordered your coat that it would be stiff and hard to move in - just the opposite! It is very supple and pliable. I am very pleased with the 3/4 length - it doesn't hit the running board of my SUV and yet is long enough to cover my butt. We have had some extremely cold weather and your coat has been wonderful. I also thought that it would shed - even on dark coloured sweaters there has been no transfer.
I have had so many compliments and I am quick to praise your services. It was my husband who located your web site and the coat arrived on Valentine's Day - it was meant to be."

Reviewed by: Jeff R, Southington, CT
2/13/2012 - Best made coat I'll ever own!
"I just want to thank you for the great coat. It's quite clear someone who cared about their work created it; this is the best made coat I'll ever own! It fits great and the skin's flawless. Thanks to Jessica and John who set my mind at ease when I panicked about sizing. It fit great! Thanks for making me a great coat here in the USA!"

Reviewed by: David Powell, Toronto, Canada
12/21/2011 - It is terrific!!
"Got the Pat Garrett duster. It is terrific!! Thanks very much and have a great holiday."

Reviewed by: Pat and Miika Spray, Riverdale, MD
12/18/2010 - Good Match
"The boots fit, the mittens fit and are a good match to the boots. Now my wife doesn't need to steal my boots (I got from you last year) anymore."

Reviewed by: Debbie Dobson, Litchfield, OH
12/15/2011 - Great company to deal with
"I ordered my hubby a coat from you last year. BEAUTIFUL!!! He loved it. This year I ordered a four skin rug for him, he is going to love it. Thank you so much. Such a great company to deal with."

Reviewed by: Kevin Machart, Grafton, ND
12/5/2011 - Very Prompt Service
"Just wanted to let you know I got my order last week from you (puppy pad sheepskin). Once again very prompt service and once I cut it in half and give it to my dogs, I'm sure they'll love it..Thanks again."

Reviewed by: Pete, Finland
10/26/2011 - Beautiful quality
"I got the coat. It's excelent again. Perfect size. Iceland sheep skin is sure light and beautiful quality. Great gear in addition to my other sheep skin coat you made which is more rugged and heavy for the ruthless weather (as it must be). This one is perfect for riding and roping as we discussed."

Reviewed by: KEM, Grafton, ND
10/18/2011 - Very happy
"Just got my cycle covers yesterday, haven't had a chance to put them on the bike yet(one is a gift for a friend) Very happy with the service I got and fast shipping..Noticed my dogs like to lay on them so I might have to order a couple more for the spoiled again and will let you know how they work out, but probably won't get a good chance to try them til next summer..If anybody asks where I got them, I won't hesitate to give them your address."

Reviewed by: Stan Lemelin, Cookeville, TN
9/29/2011 - LOVE IT
"Just purchased a M/C seat cover, LOVE IT. great products. thanks again."

Reviewed by: Roger Wells, Taylor Mill, KY
9/18/2011 - Awesome Product
"I ordered two of your pads and can't say enough good about them. Awesome product, great price, fast shipping. Thank you."

Reviewed by: Linnea Thompson, New Concord, OH
9/18/2011 - Love it
"My husband recently purchased an Isabella coat from your store for me--love it--and I wanted to know if your slippers are made at your Strausstown location also. I'm very interested in getting a pair this winter! Thanks."

Reviewed by: Patrick C., Texas
4/28/2011 - Both the fit and finish of the coat are perfect.
"Pat, Received the "Steve" shearling coat. I really like the Stony Tan color and the quality of the skin. The best compliment I can pay you is this: a UPS delivery man knocked on my front door and I asked him if he could stay long enough to let me look the coat over before signing off on it. Before I had the coat out of the box and had tried it on he was saying, "do you mind if I write down the name, address and phone number of the seller?" Needless to say, I am one satisfied customer. I think you may have another customer on the way."

Reviewed by: Bill Monson
3/7/2011 - Unbelievable comfort.
"I purchased two medical sheepskins and made them into covers for my electric wheelchair."

Reviewed by: A.C., New Hampshire
3/2/2011 - Quality Product
"I love quality, it's how I run my business. When I saw my Marlboro I just loved it, so it's your quality that made me come back! Jeff knew I was interested in a brown hoodless bomber, so he made it happen and called me. That's sales, not order taking. Quality product, proactive follow-up, that did the trick!"

Reviewed by: A.C., New Hampshire
2/15/2011 - Quality of shearling is beautiful
"In my searches for a Shearling jacket I came across your site and found that you had my size in stock. I bought it and am sending you this letter to let you know my reaction. I was shocked when I opened the box. The coat is one of the nicest I have ever seen, in a store or being worn. The quality of shearling is beautiful, the detailing extremely nice, and the fit perfect. This is one case where I am glad I waited! It is really warm, luxurious to wear, and I feel like a million bucks when I w wear it!"

Reviewed by: Andrea Marra, Douglaston, NY
1/18/2011 - Thrilled!
"I just wanted to let you know that my father received his sheepskin coat yesterday and is thrilled with it. He wanted me to be sure to tell you."

Reviewed by: Mandal Haas,Carrollton, OH
1/28/2011 - Great coat, great service, great fit!
"Just a quick note and update. Size 52 fits perfectly...glad you recommended moving up from size 50. It's refreshing to find good customer service and a person you can talk to when you call."

Reviewed by: A very happy Ricky, UK
1/25/2011 - 'AWESOME'
"Just to let you know "The Sheepskin Coat" has arrived, I purchased this coat for my wife Elizabeth, one word :o)....... 'AWESOME' .... she so loves it. So its a Big Thankyou from me :o)"

Reviewed by: Frederick C. von Gortler, Fort Hood, Texas US
1/18/2011 - Exceptional product at a fair price
"Went on line to track down a "Marlboro" type sheep skin coat. Got sticker shock and most sites. I eventually found this great Sickafus Sheepskin web site. Pat helped immensely and I am very comfortable and pleased with the experience and the exceptional product at a fair price!"

Reviewed by: Laurie, St Louis, MO
1/17/2011 - Amazed
"I have just received my order for the Lady Rancher coat with the Nordic hat and mittens all in Antelope Tan, "OMG" I was amazed. I have tried to purchase a sheepskin coat from a renowned high-end catalog and was so disappointed, that when it came to ordering one on-line from a company I was not familiar with, I was afraid to say the least. After speaking directly with you over the phone I felt comfortable. You seemed to have the integrity that one would expect in such an industry, and I was right. I cannot wait until I can order my next coat and boots."

Reviewed by: Steve, Central, VA
1/17/2011 - Wearing it every day
"Well it's now been 3 weeks since my wife received her Gracie coat for Christmas and I can hardly get her out of it! It has been very cold here in the east as you know and she has worn it literally every day since then. It looks terrific on her, so much so that her workmates and my sister are all jealous. I hope that when spring comes I can convince her to wear something else, but all bets are off until then! Thanks for a great product and your friendly and efficient service. I may be looking for one myself next year!"

Reviewed by: Gary Allinson
1/11/2012 - Nicely done Sir!
"Not only do I like your sheepskin cover that I have for my Goldwing seat, now I like your music too!"

Reviewed by: Randi P
1/8/2011 - Excellent service and quality
"We received the Johnny coat...and it is perfect. Thank you for the excellent service and quality."

Reviewed by: Elaine F.
1/6/2011 - Outstanding craftmanship
"Ordered a B3 bomber for my boyfriend for Christmas...outstanding craftmanship. He's warm, cozy and definitely very sexy!"

Reviewed by: Jos, The Netherlands
12/27/2010 - Absolutely beautiful
"I received the coat about a week ago, I want you to let know that the coat fits me perfectly and the gloves you selected are beautiful as well. The coat is absolutely beautiful and is very warm to. Thank you for your time and good service."

Reviewed by: Michelle, Reading, PA
12/27/2010 - Very Beautiful Coat!
"Santa was good, and hope he was good to you as well. The coat is beautiful, soft, light but very warm! But I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. And everyone loved their sheepskin boots!"

Reviewed by: Steve
12/20/2010 - Gorgeous
"I received the Gracie 3/4 length coat you made for my wife. Since it is a Christmas present, she has not seen it yet. However, I wanted to let you know I think it is gorgeous! I am sure my wife will love it and I was very impressed with your quick and friendly service. Thanks so much!"

Reviewed by: Tim H, Wernersville, PA
12/17/2010 - Very Warm!
"I went out today wearing my 50th birthday present from Bonnie (sheepskin coat with hat!) Very warm in yard cleaning up on our windy hill"

Reviewed by: Michael, Buffalo, NY
12/8/2010 - HOLY sheep!
"I just received my B3 bomber jacket, HOLY sheep! This jacket is way over the top of what I was hoping for. This thing wears like a soft suit of armor. Built for a ram but soft as a lamb. I think my three year old and one year old boys will be fighting over whom gets this when the old man kicks the bucket. It looks and feels well built enough to last that long. Thank you a gain for a well built jacket that exceeds my expectations. The customer service was A++. When an owner of the company takes the time to get on the phone and make sure your getting what you want; That's just what I call pride in your company and it shows in the workmanship of your product. I've already began passing out the business cards you included. My brother will be calling soon. He's jealous as hell when he tried mine on"

Reviewed by: Barb L.
11/27/2010 - Soft and Warm
"These slippers are just great..soft and warm. My husband hasn't taken them off yet."

Reviewed by: Kelly & Dave, Princeton, ON
11/4/2010 - I love my new coat!!
"Thank you very much, you did a great job! I can’t wait to show all my friends and tell them where I purchased it. If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m sure you will find some more orders for other products from us in the future."

Reviewed by: Brian
8/28/2010 - B3 is great
"B3 is great and I will certainly buy from you again. You run a great service."

Reviewed by: Kristi, Sioux Falls, SD
8/11/2010 - Looks Great
"I believe the butt pad gave me about a 80-90% improvement in my numbing condition! I think it looks great on my bike!"

Reviewed by: Bob
7/29/2010 - I couldn't be happier
"It has been my experience that any business can sell a good product;what sets businesses apart is the service after the sale. I liked my B-3 vest from the start and probably would have just worn it in spite of my weight loss. I'm not sure what prompted me to ask if you could/would alter it, but I'm glad I did. I couldn't be happier. Good job, quick turnaround and reasonable price...thanks."

Reviewed by: Max
7/8/2010 - MAGNIFICENT
"Just wanted to drop you folks a line and express my appreciation for the package of sheepskin scraps I received this afternoon. They are MAGNIFICENT!!!"

Reviewed by: Mike & Kris, Brookfield, WI
2/23/2010 - Very pleased with the quality
"I wanted to thank you for your quick service! We ordered it on a Thursday evening, and we receive our motorcycle cover this past Wednesday - only 5 days! This was awesome service. We were very pleased with the quality of the cover also! We will definitely order from you again! Thanks for the great customer service!"

Reviewed by: Steven, Cameron, WI
2/23/2010 - Great product and very nice price.
"I received my sheepskin for my ElectraGlide and I am very pleased with the quality and speed of delivery. The medium size is a perfect fit. Thank you and expect future orders."

Reviewed by: Bob K., Brooklyn, NY
1/28/2010 - No one has a coat like this that I've seen.
"In early November I ordered a Marlboro Coat and then upon it's arrival a Patti Brissa for Theresa. At the time we didn't have the weather that I would have liked to test these coats. Well we got it now. I was out today with a wind chill of 6 and I felt bullet proof. I did, at times, actually button the coat but not all the time. If I was walking with the wind all I had to do was turn up the collar. Got a lot of looks too. No one has a coat like this that I've seen.
Theresa has been wearing her Patti Coat frequently to work and the women there drool over it. T is from Trinidad and can handle the warm weather ok but the cold really gets to her, except when she's wearing her coat. She tells me she has to unzip it immediately upon entering the building or she'll over heat. She says she's never had a coat this warm.
Just thought you'd like to know how things are going on here now that the season has started. I feel we have gotten real value for the money spent."

Reviewed by: Linda, Palmyra, PA
1/11/2010 - Feel sooooo good
"Got my slippers today and they feel sooooo good! Just an FYI - I have Ugg slippers and these are way better!"

Reviewed by: Paul W.
1/7/2010 - Great Product
"Slippers arrived last night, all fit and were a big success all around. Thanks for a great product and for going the extra mile."

Reviewed by: RJR
1/6/2010 - Very Pleased
"Hi there Pat, my men's B-3 vest arrived today...I'm very pleased."

Reviewed by: Norm A.
12/27/2009 - I couldn't be happier
"It is the most magnificent coat I have ever seen, the fit is perfect the color and style are beautiful."

Reviewed by: Carol
12/20/2009 - PERFECT!
"Got my boots today! I LOVE them! Great fit, very nice and PERFECT!"

Reviewed by: Tim Greene, RI
12/19/2009 - More than I expected
"Received the "Nick" on Friday. More than I expected. Wore it on Saturday, awesome coat. Its warm and soft and looks great. What more can you ask? Great product and you were excellent with shipping, delivering and answering my questions. Thanks so much I will be a walking advertisement for you."

Reviewed by: Denise B.
12/7/2009 - Most beautiful coat I have ever owned
"I just got my tan and white open seam country marlboro coat this weekend. I am more than elated at how it turned out. It is the most beautiful coat I have ever owned. Thank you for all your help during the ordering process and being so informative during my decision making process. I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in great quality and excellent service."

Reviewed by: James, DUBLIN, Ireland
8/28/2009 - Fits perfectly
"Just a word to say that I received my coat and I love it - fits perfectly- thank you. I will certainly do business with you again. Should keep me warm for the cold Irish winter ahead."

Reviewed by: Ciaran, UK
4/24/2009 - Greaaaaaatttttt
"The skin arrived last evening and it is greaaaaaatttttt, I love it and I have put a recommendation to your store here on our website so hopefully it will bring you in some business , Thanks again."

Reviewed by: Petteri, Finland
4/21/2009 - It has been a great pleasure for me
"It is spring time here in freezing Finland. I got the sheepskin coat you sent me in January. It has been a great pleasure for me. It is a real cowboy thing that you cannot find here in Europe. Thanks again! I hope you and your beautiful wife all the best!"

Reviewed by: Kevin, Andover, NJ
4/16/2009 - Don't leave home without it!
"My wife Joan & I had the pleasure of meeting you at your store a couple of years ago. It's warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dries quickly when wet. We don't leave home without it!"

Reviewed by: Hannah, Roanoke, VA
3/30/2009 - Skins are beautiful
"Just received my order and am delighted. Thanks so much for your attention to service and delivery speed. The skins are beautiful and my bare feet are loving it in front of my long couch."

Reviewed by: Shirleen, Bothell, WA
3/5/2009 - I highly recommend
"I just wanted to let you know how very much my husband LOVES his sheepskin vest that we ordered from you. I had been looking for an affordable quality vest for some time. Your customer service is exceptional. When the original vest we ordered didn't fit quite right, you readily took it back & altered it to its present perfect state. WOW! I highly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase quality leather goods. THANK YOU!"

Reviewed by: Lynn Mays, Landing, NJ
2/24/2009 - It's beautiful!
"Just received my Gracie coat yesterday and want to let you and your staff know how pleased I am. It's beautiful!"

Reviewed by: Steve Swansea, MA
1/9/2009 - Exceeded my expectations
"I just wanted to thank you for the B3 Bomber Jacket the quality and look of the jacket exceeded my expectations, and the price was about half that of most other sites I visited on the internet. Keep up the good work."

Reviewed by: Janet H.
1/17/2009 - Loves the Coat
"My husband just loves his Marlboro coat...He is hoping for a long cold spell to wear it!"

Reviewed by: Inesa (feeling like Lara from Dr Zhivago), Quebec, Canda
12/24/2008 - I got my coat and exploding with happiness!
"Thank you so much for the most beautiful Vicky coat and a snow hat i have ever own or seen ! The quality is amazing , it is soft and luxurious . It fits perfectly and i am in love with my coat. I look like Lara from Dr Zhivago in it and proud of it ! I am from Russia in origin but we have been living in the West for all my life and with the Canadian winters it takes a lot of fur for a Russian to survive lol. Count me as a very happy customer . I will recommend you to all my family and friends ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Reviewed by: Andy, Thetford, England
9/25/2008 - Better than described
"The bomber jacket arrived this morning and I am very pleased with it. The size is perfect and the it's better than you have described it on your web site, absolutely fantastic quality, lovely and warm and I am now looking forward to some cold weather so that I can enjoy wearing it. Thanks for all your help and for such a great product."

Reviewed by: Dave, Beaver Falls, PA
7/29/2008 - Holy smokes!
"That is one beautiful pelt you picked out for me!!! I couldn't be happier with your product and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it fit my Goldwing seat PERFECTLY! That is good because I couldn't bring myself to cut into such a beautiful sheepskin. After I opened the box and laid it out on the floor, I had a hell of a time getting my wife and then my 12 year old daughter off of it! They liked the feel and comfort so much that I am sure we will be purchasing more of your products very soon (for the sofa and another for my recliner). Thanks again for making such a great and high quality product."

Reviewed by: Colette, Vineland, NJ
7/24/2008 - Wonderful product
"Thanks for the wonderful product and the prompt service, I like this one so much I'm buying a solid black one. I will recommend you to my friends."

Reviewed by: HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, Don
3/14/2008 - Beautiful coat
"Received (BOMBER COAT) yesterday.... It is a beautiful coat and it fits perfect.... I want to thank you for working with me on this transaction and I'm sure we will do more. Thanks again."