Ordering Information

Helpful Guide to a Great Fit

We make all sizes, no one is too small or too big!

We have made thousands of custom coats and have thousand of satisfied customers all over the world. However, on a very rare occasion, a person will order a custom coat and change their mind.

Because of this we are implementing a 10% restocking/returning fee. If we make a custom coat and you change your mind, you will be charged this fee.

Vest Measurements (please see image to right): Measure loosely around your chest, under the arms (2). Next, measure around the widest part at your hips and waist (4).

Coat Measurements:

If you are planning to wear a suit or sweaters under your coat, put them on and measure over them. Using a tape measure:

  1. Measure from the edge of your left shoulder to the edge of your right shoulder
  2. Measure loosely around your chest area under the arms
  3. Measure around the widest part at your hips and waist
  4. Measure your arm length, from the top of your shoulder to your wrist

**Place your finger between the tape measure and the body. It is better to be too loose than too tight. Do not add inches, we will adjust the measurement accordingly.

After viewing your measurements, if we find we have a coat already made with those measurements that will fit you, to accommodate you and get a coat to you more quickly we will send the coat already made that will fit you. Since there is no charge to make it custom, we strive to make you our customer happy with fast service. If you are not happy with the fit, we will remake the coat, and you only pay the first shipping charge from us to you.‚Äč Shipping not refunded.

If you have any concerns or questions, call Pat at 610-488-1782.

Colors and Finishes:

You can choose between suede finish or napa finish. Napa is a smooth leather finish and is easy to clean and just as warm as suede finish. We can make most styles in any color we have in stock. Color availability varies.


We ship UPS in the United States and US Mail to anywhere else in the world. Shipping rates are based upon the weight of the order and insurance. Orders are filled based on availability. Prices effective as of 1/13/2012. All prices subject to change.

  1. Shoulder to Shoulder: ________inches
  2. Chest Measurement:
  3. Measure around the entire torso ________inches
  4. Shoulder to Wrist: ________inches
  5. Waist and Hip Measurement:
    Measure around the entire torso.
    Height: ___feet____inches
    Weight ________lbs.

    Your Normal Coat Size: ________

Click here for a printable page to have handy when ordering.